Moldex 8757 Pre-Assembled Half Mask Respirator with N95 O/V


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All Moldex® Particulate Filters are NIOSH certified. The 8755 and 8910 N95 Particulate Filters are 95% efficient against non-oil based particulate aerosols only. The 8755 also offers relief from nuisance levels of OV/Ozone.

Dual Applications

Use the N95 Particulate Filters with the 8900 Filter Disk Holder for standalone particulate filter applications. Or use in combination with any 8000 Series Gas/Vapor Cartridge. Use the 8020 Filter Retainer with the 8910 N95 Particulate Filter for prefilter applications.

Suitable For Welding

The N95 Particulate Filters are suitable for most welding applications. Use the 8755 N95 Filter when nuisance levels of OV/Ozone are present.

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