The Honeywell H910 N95 disposable face mask is a high-quality and comfortable face mask that is suitable to most face types. It forms a tight seal to the face around the edges and over the bridge of the nose. The nose clip is bendable for a custom fit and is covered with foam which allows the mask to fit comfortably on the nose while preventing eyewear from fogging. This mask is NIOSH certified and is on the CDC list of approved N95 masks. Available in 10 packs, a box of 50, a case of 600, or a pallet of 7,200.

  • Attaches with head straps
  • Prevents non-oil particles and the filtering efficiency exceeds 95%.
  • Manufactured with Honeywell’s anti-counterfeiting filter material to guarantee good quality.
  • A built-in nose clip resists bending, is easy to shape, and has better fitness and safety without metal exposure.
  • The nose clip is made of high-strength plastic composite metal, and its bending resistance capacity is enhanced significantly compared with the metal nose clip.
  • The advanced sealing material is used for the nose pad, characterized by high fitness, softness, and comfort; it can relieve the pressure on the nose bridge and make you feel more comfortable.