MAIDeSITe Electric Chair Lift | Get Up from Floor | Floor Lift | Can be Raised to 20” Help You Stand Up Again | Weight Limit 300 LBS | Item Weight 30 LBS


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  • ✅ The chair weighs 29 pounds. The lightweight and sturdy electric chair lift with high-strength supporting steel rod material has a weight capacity of 300lb. We provide a returnable service. For non-quality issues, the chair can be returned for a full refund, so you can rest assured to try it.
  • MATERIAL:We use high-strength steel rods as the support frame of the bathroom lift, which is more stable, and the equipped seat cushions are more conducive to cleaning, making you safer and more comfortable to use.
  • Foldable Side Wings: There are two foldable side wings designed to move easily from the ground to the lift chair.
  • Electric Lifting: No power supply required. The chair lift is equipped with rechargeable batteries. It can adapt to the requirements of most environments, please pay attention to charging the battery.
  • Fully Waterproof Electric Lift Chair : We adopt IPX8 waterproof standard. Our chair lift can work normally even in the bathtub, and there are 6 suction cups to improve the stability of the electric chair lift.


Sit upright on the floor


Open the wings and move slowly to the electric chair lift.


After confirming that the environment is safe, start the electric chair lift.


Wait for the chair lift to reach the highest position.


Slowly stand up again.


If you can’t stand up directly, please use auxiliary standing measures.

Rechargeable Controller

The electric chair lift is equipped with a rechargeable wired controller, which is more stable and safer. Simple control can achieve up and down movements. The emergency stop button can terminate the action instantly. Please charge it before use. Recommended frequency: 4 times or 10 days.

High-Strength Steel Pole

The lift chair is equipped with a stronger steel rod material as the main support, which is very strong. The weight capacity is 300LB. It weighs 29 pounds, and you can move it easily wherever you need in any environment.

6 Bottom Non-Slip Suction Cups

We equip the electric chair lift with 6 suction cup bases to prevent it from sliding on the wet ground, so as to better protect your safety. The suction cup is equipped with a pull ring, which can be easily lifted when not in use.

Bathtub Lift

It is also an excellent bathtub lift, which can easily help you enter the bathtub. Waterproof grade is IPX8

Maximum Seat Height 20″
Minimum Seat Height 3.4″
Backrest 26″ x 14″
Footprint 15.5″ x 25″
Seat Recline Angle 50°
Weight 29 lbs


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