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Product Description:

  • Masimo 2201: This is the product code or model number for this specific sensor.
  • SENSOR, RAINBOW DCI-DC3: It indicates it’s a Rainbow sensor with DCI-DC3 technology for use with compatible Masimo devices.
  • SPO2, SPCO, SPMET: This sensor can measure multiple parameters:
    • SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation): The percentage of oxygen carried by hemoglobin in red blood cells.
    • SPCO (Carbon Monoxide): The amount of carbon monoxide in the blood. Elevated levels can indicate carbon monoxide poisoning.
    • SPMet (Methemoglobin): An abnormal form of hemoglobin that cannot carry oxygen effectively.
  • REUSABLE: Unlike disposable sensors, this one can be disinfected and reused on multiple adult patients (typically weighing more than 30 kg).
  • DCI-DC3: This likely refers to a specific Masimo technology within their Rainbow® Reusable Sensors category that provides multi-parameter monitoring capabilities.
  • EACH: This signifies the product is typically sold individually.