MedGyn Endocervical Speculum (Stainless Steel)


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MedGyn Endocervical Speculum (Stainless Steel)

030915: Kogan with Screw 2-4mm

030916: Kogan with Screw 4-8mm

030201: Kogan with Gauge & Ratchet 2-4mm

030202: Kogan with Gauge & Ratchet 4-8mm

030203: Kogan with Gauge & Ratchet 8-12mm

030304: Townsend Endocervical Speculum 8-12mm

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030915: Kogan with Screw 2-4mm, 030916: Kogan with Screw 4-8mm, 030201: Kogan with Gauge & Ratchet 2-4mm, 030202: Kogan with Gauge & Ratchet 4-8mm, 030203: Kogan with Gauge & Ratchet 8-12mm, 030304: Townsend Endocervical Speculum 8-12mm




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