MedGyn Hegar Double Ended Cervical Dilator


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MedGyn Hegar Double Ended Cervical Dilator


MedGyn’s German Stainless Steel dilators provide smooth, easy dilation of the cervix. MedGyn manufactures a wide array of dilators with superior quality and innovative features that are unmatched.


030830: Hegar 8 Piece Dilator Set 3-4mm – 17-18mm

030831: Hegar Dilator 1-2mm

030832: Hegar Dilator 3-4mm

030833: Hegar Dilator 5-6mm

030834: Hegar Dilator 7-8mm

030835: Hegar Dilator 9-10mm

030836: Hegar Dilator 11-12mm

030837: Hegar Dilator 13-14mm

030838: Hegar Dilator 15-16mm

030839: Hegar Dilator 17-18mm

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030830: Hegar 8 Piece Dilator Set 3-4mm – 17-18mm, 030831: Hegar Dilator 1-2mm, 030832: Hegar Dilator 3-4mm, 030833: Hegar Dilator 5-6mm, 030834: Hegar Dilator 7-8mm, 030835: Hegar Dilator 9-10mm, 030836: Hegar Dilator 11-12mm, 030837: Hegar Dilator 13-14mm, 030838: Hegar Dilator 15-16mm, 030839: Hegar Dilator 17-18mm




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