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Medtronic 9735017 Malleable Suction Medium are single use instruments intended for use with the ENT software applications on a Medtronic computer assisted surgery systems, StealthStation® systems (S7, i7 and Fusion® ).

The Malleable Suction instruments are electromagnetically navigated devices that are designed to be bendable by hand into a shape by the user in order to customize the instrument to the needs of the surgeon for
each individual patient’s anatomy and disease.

Each Malleable Suction instrument incorporates a tracking system within the instrument tip. The mobile emitter of the navigation system generates a low-energy magnetic field to locating the tracker mounted within the tip of the instrument.

The navigation system software displays the location of the instrument’s tip within multiple patient image planes
and other anatomical renderings.

The instrument attaches to, and functions with, standard surgical vacuum suction systems and comes with a cleaning stylet to assist in dislodging blockages.