Moldex 6498 BattlePlugs Earplugs System, Meduim



  • Dual Mode Protection: – Closed cap for continuous /steady noise and impulse noise protection: NRR 24dB for Small, Medium and Large, NRR 20dB for Extra-Small – Open cap to hear commands and still have protection for gunfire: NRR 9db for Medium, NRR 10dB for Extra-Small, NRR 12 for Small and Large
  • The louder the blast, the more noise reduction (in open position)
  • Cap is easy to open and close, in-ear
  • Easy to see when cap is in open or closed mode
  • Easy to clean

Complete System

Each bag contains a pair of BattlePlugs and a cord, Pocket-Pak carrying case, chain, and instructions.

Moldex Special Ops

The Moldex Special Ops line of tactical products are designed for military, armed forces, federal and local law enforcement, and personal use.

BattlePlugs Advantages