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Product Description:

  • Needle Gauge: 21G – This is a thicker gauge needle compared to some other lancets (e.g., 30G) and might result in a slightly more noticeable finger prick.
  • Quantity: 21G per box (each box contains 200 individual lancing devices)
  • Disposable: Each lancing device is intended for single use.
  • Pre-set gauge: No need to adjust or configure the needle size, promoting ease of use.
  • Electro-polished technology: The needle may be smoother for potentially more comfortable penetration during finger pricking.
  • Universal design: May be compatible with various OneTouch® meters (refer to the manufacturer’s compatibility information for confirmation).


  • Blood Sample Collection: This device helps you obtain a blood sample for monitoring your blood sugar levels.
  • Convenience: The pre-set gauge and disposable nature simplify use.
  • Potentially Minimized Discomfort: The electro-polished technology might reduce finger prick discomfort.