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OTVFLEX One Touch Verio Flex Meter

Product Description:

  • Bluetooth connectivity: Connects to the OneTouch Reveal mobile app to automatically track and share blood sugar data. This can be helpful for people who want to keep track of their trends over time and share their data with their healthcare provider.
  • ColorSure® technology: Instantly shows if your blood sugar reading is in, above, or below your target range. This can help you to quickly understand what your blood sugar means and make decisions about your diabetes management.
  • Large, backlit display: Easy to read, even in low light. This is important for people who have difficulty seeing small print.
  • Small and lightweight: Convenient to carry and use. This is important for people who are active or who travel frequently.
  • Second-chance sampling: Allows you to apply more blood if the first sample isn’t enough. This can help to reduce wasted test strips.
  • Wide test strip range: Works with OneTouch Verio test strips in a range of 20-600 mg/dL. This is important for people with a wide range of blood sugar levels.
  • Memory stores up to 500 test results. This can be helpful for people who want to track their trends over time.