Moldex M2 6200 Protective ear caps 28 dB


These earmuffs from Moldex can be worn in three positions: over-the-head (the traditional headband style position), behind-the-head, or under-the-chin. This refers to the orientation of the headband in relation to the ear cups; the ear cups always fit around your ears the same way. This gives you the freedom to find the fit that is most comfortable for you, as well as providing the ability to wear these ear muffs with almost any hat or other headgear you like.

Moldex M2 multi-position ear muffs feature a sleek design with clever, molded grips to allow you to put on and adjust these ear muffs quickly and securely. This curvy design is also very sleek and stylish, which is complimented by the unique iridescent color of the ear cups. The result is an easy-to-use, effective hearing protector with a cool, ultra-modern look.

With moderate protection from noise, the Moldex M2 is ideal for moderately noisy activities, or for long hours wear in low-to-moderately noisy environments. Worn over-the-head, these earmuffs provide NRR 26 protection; worn behind-the-head or under-the-chin, they provide NRR 24 noise protection. Additionally, SoftCoat® covering also helps muffle transmitted noise.

With a plastic headband that is lightweight and flexible, these ear muffs are light and comfortable enough for all-day use.

100% PVC-Free®