Sani-Cloth Super Q86984-Purple (XL Wipe)


  • 2 minute kill time
  • Quaternary / alcohol-based formula
  • Effective against 30 microorganisms
  • Bactericidal, tuberculocidal and virucidal

Super Sani-Cloth is a germicidal disposable cloth wipe for use where control of the hazards of cross-contamination is of prime importance. Each Super Sani-Cloth wipe is saturated with a quaternary/alcohol-based formula. Super Sani-Cloth kills 30 strains of bacteria and viruses with a 2 minute kill time. The Super Sani-Cloth is perfect for disinfecting non-porous hard surfaces and equipment. Sani-Cloths are ready to use, requiring no mixing or measuring. PDI Super Sani-Cloth is sold by the box, tub, and case.