Sklar Bariatric Gemini Mixter Forceps EACH


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Sklar Gemini Mister Forceps have delicate serrations for handling delicate tissue during surgery and a curved jaw instead of the standard right angle jaws found on many Mixter forceps. These Forceps are most commonly used to clamp vessels and occlude or seal tissue. They are a combination of the Mixter serration pattern and the Gemini forceps curvature making them especially useful in bariatric procedures for clamping vessels and sealing tissue.

These are Sklar grade, quality forceps made with surgical stainless steel. Each model listed below is sold individually.

Sklar Gemini Mixter Forceps Configurations:


Part Number Forceps Length Curvature
61-0119 16 inches Curved
61-1119 18 inches Curved
61-2119 20 inches Curved

Additional information


61-0119: 16-inch Gemini Mixter Forceps Curved, 61-1119: 18-inch Gemini Mixter Forceps Curved, 61-2119: 20-inch Gemini Mixter Forceps Curved




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