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Product Description:


  • Fits 7.5mm tracheostomy tubes: Specifically designed for tracheostomy tubes with a 7.5mm inner diameter, ensuring proper fit and optimal function.
  • Blue Line Ultra material: Made from a smooth, low-friction, and biocompatible material for comfortable insertion, removal, and reduced irritation to the trachea.
  • Rounded edges: Minimizes friction and discomfort during insertion and removal, promoting patient comfort.
  • Sterile and disposable: Each cannula is individually packaged and sterilized for single use, preventing the risk of cross-contamination and infections.
  • Benefits:

    • Improved patient comfort: Smooth material and rounded edges minimize irritation and promote tracheal healing.
    • Enhanced speech: Hollow design facilitates airflow, leading to clearer and easier speech.
    • Simplified airway hygiene: Removable cannula enables easy cleaning and reduces the risk of mucus buildup.
    • Protects the tracheostomy tube: Helps prevent debris from entering the tracheostomy tube, extending its lifespan.
    • Convenient and hygienic: Individual sterile packaging ensures hygiene and ease of use.