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  • Cuffed design: Similar to the 7 mm version, it features an inflatable cuff for sealing the tracheal stoma and preventing aspiration.
  • Bivona design: Offers two lumens for airflow and cuff inflation.
  • TTS (Thin-walled Soft Silicone): Made from soft, flexible silicone for patient comfort and minimized tissue irritation.
  • 8mm diameter: This wider diameter allows for increased airflow compared to the 7 mm version, suitable for patients with larger breathing needs.
  • Transparent outer cannula: Enables easy visualization of the tracheal stoma and secretions.
  • Speech flange: Provides a stable base for speaking valves or other communication aids.
  • Removable inner cannula: Simplifies cleaning and hygiene maintenance.
  • Sterile and disposable: Individual packaging ensures sterility and single-use to minimize infection risk.


  • Improved airway management for patients with larger breathing needs.
  • Reduced risk of aspiration due to the cuff seal.
  • Enhanced patient comfort thanks to the soft silicone material and flexible design.
  • Easier speech and communication with the speech flange.
  • Simplified hygiene and maintenance with the removable inner cannula.
  • Convenience and safety ensured by sterile and disposable packaging.