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  • Safety design: Similar to the 18G version, this catheter features a fully encased needle to protect healthcare workers from accidental needlesticks.
  • Straight hub: Provides a straightforward and stable connection to the IV tubing.
  • Radiopaque: Contains radiopaque material visible under X-ray for precise placement and reduced risk of complications.
  • 20 Gauge: Suitable for administering a wider range of fluids and medications compared to the 18G version, including some medications requiring smaller flow rates.
  • 1 inch length: Reaches a good depth for reliable vascular access in most patients.
  • Polyurethane material: Offers flexibility and comfort for the patient, reducing the risk of catheter displacement.
  • Pink color-coded hub: Indicates catheter gauge for quick and easy identification.


  • Enhanced safety: Reduces the risk of accidental needlesticks and associated injuries for healthcare workers.
  • Improved patient comfort: Flexible polyurethane material and smooth needle insertion minimize discomfort.
  • Reliable and secure vascular access: Radiopaque material and appropriate length ensure accurate placement and reduced risk of dislodgement.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wider range of fluids and medications compared to the 18G version.