Sneeze Plexi Guard (Box of 25)


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Plastic Desk Partition and Sneeze Plexi Guard Feel comfortable and confident sending your child to school with this innovative design. We developed this product to maximize the safety of children in classroom environments by preventing the spread of germs throughout the day. Best Plastic Shields For Student Desk Specifications Width makes these plastic desk partitions perfect for any classroom, as they are adaptable to fit the vast majority of student desks or tables. Durable, Foldable and Affordable Made of high-quality plastics, these desk partitions are guaranteed to last and 100% recyclable. Additionally, Solid polypropylene construction, only 7mm thick and weighs just 1 pound.

Partitions are designed to be folded up and snapped together to ensure any child can transport them easily throughout the day. Currently, One of the most affordable desk partitions on the market. Easy to Care for and Easy to Disinfect We wanted to make these as easy to care for as possible. Furthermore, Simply wash with soap and water, disinfect and wipe down! Easy to maintain throughout the day to ensure maximum safety from germ transmission. Note: The desk shield arrives with a protective film which should be removed prior to use in order to improve visibility through the shield. If additional clarity is needed, wash with a general purpose surface or glass cleaner and wipe dry to remove any residue.

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