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Sol-Millennium 110021 Sol-M Blunt Fill Needle 18 Gauge 1 Inch (1000/CS)


The Sol-M Blunt Fill Needle reduces the risk of needlestick injuries to healthcare workers when drawing up and preparing medication by removing the need for sharps.

The SOL-M Blunt Fill Needle can be used with the Double Needle Technique when drawing medication and can also be used for IV push administration in needleless IV systems.


Sol-Millennium 110021 Sol-M Blunt Fill Needle Features


  • Eliminates the unnecessary use of sharps
  • Color-coded hubs for easy identification
  • Needle hub is compatible with all Luer Lock and Luer Slip Tip syringes
  • Available with 5-micron filter to prevent the drawing of glass particles when using ampules (REF: 110022F)