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Product Description:

  • Enhanced suction: Provides strong suction during the evacuation of gelatinous materials in the GI tract, particularly helpful in managing gastrointestinal bleeds, colonic decompression, and situations with poor prep or retained food residues.
  • Direct bypasses: Bypasses the endoscope’s suction valve, internal working mechanisms, and umbilical cord, resulting in significantly increased suction power delivered directly to the endoscope channel.
  • Irrigation capability: Allows for continuous irrigation while applying suction, enabling improved visualization and cleansing of the target area.
  • Instrument access: Maintains the ability to utilize the endoscope’s accessory channel for therapeutic interventions alongside suction and irrigation.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Olympus and Fujinon (G5 series and newer) endoscopes.
  • Tubing lengths: Features a 244cm suction tubing and 61cm irrigation line.
  • Y-port configuration: Includes a Y-port for easy connection of both suction and irrigation lines