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Product Description:

Key Components:

  • 21 Gauge Access Needle: For puncturing the skin and vein under ultrasound guidance.
  • 0.018″ Guidewire: Provides stability and facilitates catheter placement.
  • Micro Sheath and Dilator: Creates a stable working channel for catheter insertion.
  • Additional Components: May include syringes, hemostats, and sterile drapes depending on the specific kit configuration.

Kit Variations:

  • The Premium Micro Introducer Kit comes in various options with different:
    • Needle sizes (22 gauge, 23 gauge)
    • Guidewire types (stainless steel, nitinol)
    • Sheath features (echogenic, standard)


  • Minimizes procedural steps and simplifies workflow.
  • Provides sterile and pre-assembled components for efficient setup.
  • Offers a variety of configurations to cater to specific procedural needs.