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Product Description:

Key Features:

  •  Bluetooth® Smart Connectivity: Seamlessly connect the True Metrix™ Air Meter to compatible devices and apps, allowing users to track their blood glucose data effortlessly and share it with healthcare professionals.
  •  Rapid Results: Experience swift results with a testing time as fast as 4 seconds, providing users with timely and accurate information for effective diabetes management.
  •  Minimal Sample Size: The meter requires only a tiny 0.5uL sample size, reducing discomfort during testing and ensuring efficient glucose measurement.
  •  Alternate Site Testing: Enjoy flexibility in testing locations with the option for alternate site testing, enhancing user comfort and convenience.
  •  Comprehensive Data Storage: Store up to 1000 results with time and date stamps, and utilize event tagging for easy reference and analysis of glucose trends over time.
  •  Advanced Reminder and Detection Features: Benefit from audible fill detection, testing reminder alarms, control detection, and ketone test reminders, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized monitoring experience.
  •  User-Friendly Design: With a strip release button, download capabilities, and very good repeatability, the True Metrix™ Air Meter offers a user-friendly interface for enhanced usability.
  •  Triple Sense Technology: Experience the precision of triple sense technology, ensuring reliable and accurate blood glucose readings.

The True Metrix™ Air Meter also calculates glucose averages, allowing users to flag results as pre- or post-meal for valuable reference. The package includes the meter, a lancing device, and 10 lancets, providing users with a comprehensive blood glucose monitoring solution.

Elevate your diabetes management with the Trividia True Metrix™ Air Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter – a reliable and innovative tool designed for accuracy, connectivity, and user convenience.