Greiner Bio-One #456018P Blood Collection Tube

456018P VACUETTE® Z Serum Sep Clot Activator Venous Blood Collection Tube Serum Tube Clot Activator / Separator Gel Additive 13 X 100 mm 5 mL Gold / Black Ring Pull Cap Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Tube

  • VACUETTE® Serum Tubes with Gel contain a barrier gel that is present in the bottom of the tube
  • During centrifugation, the barrier gel moves upward to the serum-clot interface where it forms a stable barrier, separating the serum from the cells
  • VACUETTE® Serum Clot Activator with Gel Tubes are FDA 510(k) cleared for therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM)
  • They may also be used for routine clinical chemistry, immunohematology, serology or immunology testing