Zimmer 60707010600 - 34 DPSB Sterile Tourniquet Cylindrical Disposable Cuff W/PLC- 34in. (86cm) x 4in. (10cm)

A.T.S. Disposable Cuffs Low profile, high performance

These durable, latex-free sterile cuffs are designed and manufactured to ensure enhanced performance and patient comfort, while providing single-use convenience. The wide variety of color-coded sizes makes it easy to meet even the most demanding procedural needs.

  • 90-Degree Ports help keep hoses clear of the surgical site.
  • Contact Closures and Fasteners hold the cuff securely in position by virtually eliminating rolling and twisting.
  • Single/Dual Port Options allow for use with any A.T.S. tourniquet regulator.
  • No Cleaning, no cross-contamination just discard after use.
  • Single/Dual Bladder Options offer convenient choices for cuff style and sizing, including use with intravenous regional anesthesia IVRA or Bier Block procedures.


  • Automatic Tourniquet System (A.T.S).
  • Sterile Disposable Cuffs.
  • Tourniquets.
  • Tourniquets (Extremity).
  • Common UB-04 Revenue Codes: General Medical Surgical Supplies 0270, NonSterile Supplies 0271, Sterile Supplies 0272.
  • Charges reported with UB-04 revenue codes 0270,0271 and 0272 on Medicare outpatient claims are considered packaged services. Under Medicare OPPS, packaged services are not separately payable.
  • See Pub 100-04 Medicare Claims Processing Manual.

Personalized Pressure Technology

Zimmer disposable cuffs have been shown to have superior surface contact than comparable 4″ disposable tourniquet cuffs. Studies have shown that greater surface contact potentially reduces tourniquet inflation pressure.

Zimmer limb protection sleeves have been found to be more effective at eliminating wrinkles and pinches in the skin surface as well as reducing the chance of folding or wrinkling of material under the cuff during application when compared to four-layer stockinet and conventional cast padding.

Protection Sleeves

Specially designed to complement Zimmer cuffs and protect the patient from skin wrinkling and pinching.