Protecting Healthcare Heroes: ICU Medical Solutions for Infection Control

ICU Medical Innovations

ICU Medical, Inc., a dedicated company in infection control, addresses the heightened health risks faced by ICU healthcare providers. Research reveals that 9 out of 100 ICU patients acquire nosocomial infections, endangering both patients and medical staff. ICU Medical specializes in crafting solutions that mitigate infection risks for healthcare workers. Let’s explore their range of products designed to safeguard against nosocomial infections and learn how they effectively serve their purpose.

Medical professionals Our healthcare heroes

Medical professionals Our healthcare heroes

ICU Medical, a company listed as one of the ‘100 most trustworthy companies in the US’ by Forbes Magazine, has a wide range of medical products some of which have been detailed below:

Needle-free IV connectors for infection control

These needle-free connectors are closed systems, a design that effectively restricts the entry of microbes into catheters attached to the patient’s body thus protecting the bloodstream. Due to their well-adaptable design, these connectors can be attached to arterial, peripheral, as well as central venous catheters and can deliver both IV fluids as well as medications into the patient’s body. Interestingly, these connectors do not let the internal fluid seep out of the device rendering the exterior or the outer housing safe. This way, the healthcare worker dealing with such a patient is protected.

Intravenous tubing attached to a patient’s arm

Intravenous tubing attached to a patient’s arm

These connectors and their related items manufactured by ICM Medical include the following:

  • SwabCap for needle-free connectors

SwabCap is a sterile disinfecting cap that can easily be connected to needle-free connectors. Once put to work, these caps start their disinfecting action within 30 seconds which can continue for 7 days if it is not removed from its place. This SwabCap is colored i.e. usually yellow for the purpose of visual compliance confirmation. The antibacterial action of the device is due to the isopropyl alcohol (IPA) in 70% concentration.

Once a bacterial cell comes in contact with isopropyl alcohol, it starts swelling after absorbing the chemical agent. Within seconds, the cell bursts, and the bactericidal activity is completed. An in vitro study conducted to check the efficacy of the SwabCap confirmed its effectiveness to remove all the bacteria within 30 seconds of contact time. It was revealed that not a single colony-forming unit or CFU was detected on the IV connector once the SwabCap was employed. This enhances the patient’s as well as the healthcare staff’s safety up to many folds.

  • ClearGuard HD barrier caps

ClearGuard HD are the antimicrobial barrier caps that are used with hemodialysis catheters. This item by ICU Medical has been listed as the best infection prevention product for 2 consecutive years due to its capability of killing infection-causing bacteria while they are inside the hemodialysis catheter hub.

This bactericidal action is performed by chlorhexidine, an antiseptic as well as disinfectant, which is eluded from the rod into the catheter lock solution followed by dissolving the bacterial cells.

This way, the overall risk of infection transfer from these medical devices to the healthcare staff is greatly reduced. The CleanGuard barrier caps can easily replace the standard caps and connectors used in healthcare facilities.

  • Clave – Needle-free IV connectors

Clave is a clinically differentiated needle-free IV connector that minimizes the chances of infections. The silicone seal as well as the internal cannula effectively help reduce the entry of bacteria into the internal fluid path of the connector. Along with this, the residual volume of the Clave connectors only allows for minimum flush volumes while clearing the blood or medications.

The clear housing facilitates the visualization of the connector to make sure that all the blood has completely been flushed. The Clave needle-free IV connector can be affixed with all kinds of vascular catheters. With this type of catheter, catheter reflux is also reduced which prevents the accidental spillage of the residual fluids thus reducing the chances of infections.

A healthcare provider dealing with a patient

A healthcare provider dealing with a patient

You can place an online order for all of these infection control products by ICU Medical on Health Supply 770. They have a wide range of items with affordable prices and quick delivery.


Contracting an infection while working in a healthcare establishment is a common occurrence. This can result in both the patient and the healthcare provider contracting an illness that could be avoided if proper care was provided.

Multiple products are available in the market, apart from the practices that are needed to be adopted, to restrict accidental microbe transfer to the healthcare staff.

In this domain, the most successful products are manufactured by ICU Medical, a company leading with its innovative line of medical consumables. Employment of such products renders the treatment process safer not only for the patient but also for the caregiver.

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