Specialized Biopsy Forceps for Different Lesions: A Guide for Bronchoscopy Procedures

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If the symptoms such as cough and exertion while breathing last for too long, your physician might recommend getting a bronchoscopy so that the real cause of the problem can be identified. In case of a serious issue such as the indication of a tumor or cancer, it becomes unavoidable to get a tissue sample by a process called biopsy. If this term is new to you, a biopsy is an invasive procedure performed with the intention of removing a small piece of the tissue from the body. In this regard, specially designed instruments are employed to do the job which are referred to as the biopsy forceps. Let us take a look at what biopsy forceps are and which brands deliver these forceps at affordable prices with exceptional features.

Statistics Regarding Bronchoscopy in the US 

According to a joint statement issued by the American College of Chest Physicians and the American Association for Bronchology, every year, the number of Americans who have to take a bronchoscopy examination exceeds 500,000. This high number can be attributed to the rising levels of respiratory diseases due to the increased use of vapes, cigarettes, and ecstasy-inducing inhalants as well as air pollution. Such patients need to be diagnosed at earlier stages using bronchoscopes and accessory tools.

What are Biopsy Forceps?

Biopsy forceps are specialized medical tools designed and constructed for the purpose of obtaining tissue samples during invasive procedures including bronchoscopy, oesophagoscopy, or laryngoscopy. Usually, these forceps have cup jaws made from surgical-grade steel and provide a strong grip when employed. These biopsy forceps are sterilized and often disposable which helps eliminate the chances of cross-contamination.

What are Biopsy Forceps Used for?

Biopsy forceps are used in the following conditions:

● For sampling internal tissue from the airway passage, lungs, esophagus, or other body segments.

● To remove foreign objects stuck in the nasal or oral cavities.

Additionally, these forceps are often utilized as a diagnostic tool in patients with respiratory conditions, such as:

●  Abnormal X-ray or CT-scan results

●  Unexplained fluid collection in the lungs

●  Inflammation of the airways

●  Infections in the airways as well as the lungs

●  Tumor or cancer in the airway passage or the lungs

Biopsy Forceps: Brands and Specifications

The US markets are filled with biopsy forceps which are manufactured and marketed by multiple medical brands. In terms of characteristic features, all of these products show similarity. However, precise expertise is required to furnish these forceps which are not only efficient in their job but are also safe. The following biopsy forceps by ConMed Corporation are considered some of the best items in this regard:

● ConMed Precisor Broncho Disposable Pulmonary Biopsy Forceps

ConMed Precisor broncho disposable pulmonary biopsy forceps are employed during bronchoscopy to cut, grab, and take out the respiratory tissue. The device is disposable and has a large jaw capacity. The shafts of these forceps can be coated or uncoated. When it comes to shape, both oral as well as alligator-shaped cups are available.

● ConMed Precisor EXL Disposable Biopsy Forceps

ConMed Precisor EXL biopsy forceps are disposable medical devices. These have been designed in a way to provide optimum cutting force while in use. As the jaws close, it can be seen that the channel integrity is also high. The device also has a short jaw cup length which enhances pushability as well as a precisely defined edge. Its three-ring handle design facilitates optimum control of the device during its handling and also lets the user enjoy the tactile feel of the product.

● ConMed OptiBite Disposable Biopsy Forceps

ConMed OptiBite disposable biopsy forceps are sterile products with a weight of merely 0.9 kg (2 lb). These have a shaft length of 230 cm along with a jaw size of 2.3 mm. The available shapes of the jaws are oval and alligator which can be coated or non-coated. Moreover, these can also have a needle.

● ConMed Precisor Hot Alligator Cup Forceps

ConMed Precisor hot alligator forceps are sterile and disposable medical items that are excellent for cutting tissues with tearing them apart. In addition to the features mentioned in the above sections, the Hot Alligator cup forceps have high pushability owing to their wide jaw span and shorter cup length. Moreover, the product comes with two cords i.e. Olympus and Microvasive. The jaw outer diameter is 2.3 mm while the shaft length is 230 cm. 

Two different kinds of forceps
Two different kinds of forceps

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Biopsy is often conducted during a bronchoscopy to extract some of the respiratory tissue. This tissue is then examined for the types of cells in order to confirm or rule out a certain infection or disease state.

For this purpose, biopsy forceps are needed which are specialized in cutting and getting the tissue sample out of the body without damaging the internal organs or tissues. Among many available brands, the products of ConMed Corporation top the list when it comes to endoscopy and bronchoscopy.

As these biopsy forceps are often single-use, clinics and other healthcare facilities should buy them in bulk, a practice which leads us to the selection of a good vendor. Purchasing medical devices from reliable vendors like Health Supply 770 ensures the provision of quality products along with satisfactory services.

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ConMed Precisor Broncho Disposable Pulmonary Biopsy Forceps

ConMed Precisor EXL Disposable Biopsy Forceps

ConMed OptiBite Disposable Biopsy Forceps

ConMed Precisor Hot Alligator Cup Forceps