The Connection between Physical and Mental Health: Tools that Bridge the Gap

Mental health day

Globally, October 10th has been attributed as ‘World Mental Health Day’. Considering the number of individuals being diagnosed with some kind of mental health disorder or with a distorted mental state in the form of stress and depression, it is adamant that these cases have spiked in the last decade.

Recent studies have indicated a direct connection between physical and mental health in a way that both can significantly affect each other. Both how is it possible?

This article, lets us understand the chemistry behind this connection along with the medical tools that could be helpful for diagnosis as well as treatment of patients with mental health disorders.

A patient discussing her mental health issues with a therapist
A patient discussing her mental health issues with a therapist

The Science Behind the Connection

Intrinsically, our mental and physical well-being are connected. Despite being able to perform some of the most superior tasks in the body, the human mind is a collection of cellular structures just like every other tissue and organ.

These cells called neurons change our mood and feelings by modifying the balance between intrinsic chemical agents called neurotransmitters. As each of these neurotransmitters has a particular job, the one with elevated concentration dominates over the others in its performance.

This way, a certain mood or behavior is generated which, in turn, affects the physical bodily processes and vice versa. All of these findings have been fortified by multiple studies.

As a consequence, people with mental health issues often experience acute physical aches, a condition termed psychogenic pain.

Medical Equipment in Physical Therapies

Findings of multiple studies have indicated a direct relation between the physical therapy (PT) a person takes and the mood elevation experienced after it. Activities like jogging, walking, running, cycling, swimming, dancing, as well as gardening, no matter how big or small a chunk of energy they require, are all proven to have reduced anxiety and depression.

Moreover, one can also perform exercises by using certain physical therapy tools which are also equally helpful in lifting up the mood and minimizing stress. These physical therapy tools include the use of:

– Exercise balls

– Balance pads

– Resistance bands

– Foam rollers

– Stretching straps

– Total resistance exercise (TRX) system

– Exercise sliders

Along with PT, focus should also be given to improving patient’s nutritional habits. She or he should be encouraged to get involved in motivational interviews and take therapy on a regular basis. Some people find reading positive affirmations effective while others benefit from aroma therapy. All of these tools should be adopted when necessary.

Mental Health Benefits Derived from Physical Therapies

Revealing the mechanism, studies have indicated that a boost in endorphin and serotonin levels is achieved after exercise or any kind of physical activity which has the potential to significantly improve mood and elevate positivity.

These positive effects are not only limited to mental state but also improve overall physical health. Mental health benefits achieved by employing physical therapy include the following:

 • Improved sleep patterns

 • Enhanced endurance

 • Better stamina

 • Elevated energy levels

 • Weight reduction

 • Improvement in mood

 • Increased mobility leads to enhanced social interaction

 • Pain management

 • Diminished cholesterol levels

 • Increased libido

 • Mental relief due to reduced stress and tiredness

A woman with high mental well-being relaxing in natural surroundings
A woman with high mental well-being relaxing in natural surroundings

Tools Specifically Designed to Address both Physical and Mental Health

Some of the tools which have been extremely helpful for patients with mental health disorders include the following:

Weighted blankets:

Weight blankets are helpful in addressing physical issues like pain while also aiding in anxiety relief. These are particularly useful for patients with compromised mental health as the reduction in stress is prominent along with improved sleep patterns.

Light therapy lamps:

A light therapy lamp works by mimicking the natural light which positively impacts the brain. Moreover, patients with seasonal affective disorders can also benefit from these lambs as these can set circadian rhythms to their natural pattern thus elevating physical health.

Biofeedback equipment:

Biofeedback devices train an individual to improve physical responses by visualizing their cardiac and breathing activity along with parameters like body temperature and blood pressure. This is done by attaching sensors to a person’s skin which record and display internal data. Overall, biofeedback tools can alleviate mental stress and improve quality of life.

Importance of Holistic Healing

Holistic practices include the body, mind, spirit, and emotions in the treatment process. It is considered necessary to do so to maintain a healthy balance in life. The method has been advantageous as it has proven to have caused:

– Reduction in stress

– Improvement in patient’s positivity

– Betterment of physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing  

A study published in the Journal of Integrated Community Health has fortified the above-mentioned benefits of holistic healing practices on physical health. When combined with the administration of antidepressant medications, holistic approaches have been found to divert the treatment outcomes towards the optimistic side thus confirming their reliability and effectiveness in patients with mental health conditions.

Recommendations for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare professionals should equip themselves with the knowledge of the latest treatment methods as well as provide opportunities to their staff to acquire training in the respective domain.

Moreover, financial investments should be made in the newest tools. Nowadays when holistic methods are highly emphasized as well as chosen by many patients, the need of the hour is to align one’s focus on the patient’s preferences when it comes to providing long-term mental treatment.

The profound impact of mental health battles
The profound impact of mental battles

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Mental health is as important as physical well-being. As our brain and body are intensely connected, disorders impacting one of them automatically affect the other.

However, timely detection and approach to treatment facilities can save the patient from long-term suffering.

Tools implemented to reduce the effects of stress, depression, as well as other mental health disorders also significantly enhance physical health.

Considering their importance, healthcare providers should invest in these tools that can promote overall well-being.



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