10 Best Fluid and Blood Warmers in 2023 at the Lowest Price

When it comes to fluid or blood infusion in a hospitalized patient, a preference the physician has is to warm the liquids prior to their administration. This simple step can greatly reduce the chances of hypothermia. Keeping in mind the importance of blood and fluid warming, multiple devices have been designed and marketed.


Let us take a look at 10 of these blood and fluid warmers


1. 3M Ranger Blood and Fluid Warming System

The 3M Ranger blood and fluid warming system is one of the best devices to go for when it comes to fluid warming. Its notable features include the following:

  • It warms the blood or fluid up to 41 degrees.
  • If the temperature exceeds this temperature, the visual and audible alarms indicate the malfunctioning. The same goes for the under-temperature of the fluid.
  • The 3M Ranger can warm 30,000 ml of fluid or blood per hour.
  • This warming system costs nearly 700 USD.

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3M Ranger Blood and Fluid Warming System


2. 3M Ranger Irrigation Warming System

The 3M Ranger warming system is a beneficial apparatus for heating irrigation fluids. The device has an audible as well as visual alarm feature for both under and overheating which goes off at 33°C and 48 to 50°C respectively indicating that the fluid is either not warm enough to be used or has exceeded the required temperature i.e. 41°C. The flow rate of the Ranger irrigation system can be set between 0 to 865ml per minute. Moreover, it is lightweight and convenient to carry. Its sale price is approximately 620 USD.

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3M Ranger Irrigation Warming System


3. 3M Arizant Ranger Blood and Fluid Warming System

Another affordable option for blood and fluid warming is the 3M Arizant Ranger warming system. It is particularly preferred for neonatal patients. It is a latex-free product with a flow rate of 150 ml/min to 9 L/hr. It is highly cost-effective as a single set only costs 187 USD.

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3M Arizant Ranger Blood and Fluid Warming System


4. Mindray Medical Equipment Blood and Infusion Warmer

Mindray blood and fluid warmers are one of the best products which are classified in this domain. It is originally manufactured in Shenzhen, China. The product has superiority over the others because of its lightweight, i.e. 0.4 kg, which renders it easy to carry. Its LED display shows the alarm if the fluid has been overheated or there is a system failure. Furthermore, the warming-up time of less than a minute adds up to its dominance. The Mindray blood and fluid warmer costs nearly 50 to 150 USD which is quite an affordable price.

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Mindray blood and fluid warmer


5. Enthermics Flood Warming Cabinets

The Enthermics flood warming cabinet is a flood warming system that can handle the fluids in bulk. 12 to 16 bottles of 1 liter each can be put on its countertop at a time which can be warmed evenly by its WarmSafe zone heating system. Its WarmRight technology supplies heat in an even manner throughout the cabinet to raise the temperature of each bottle. As it is a bulk system, it costs higher than the other systems i.e. nearly 5,295 USD.

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Enthermics Flood Warming Cabinet


6. Ace Warming System AutoPC II

Ace warming system AutoPC II is a Korean product manufactured by KBIZ which comes in 4 different types including:

  • General single AutoPC II
  • General double AutoPC II
  • Rechargeable single AutoPC II
  • Rechargeable double AutoPC II

All of these types are easy to install as well as uncomplicated in functionality. They are light in weight and come with a capacity of 1000 ml. An automated alarm system notifies when the fluid is overheated. This product has a moderate price range of 750 to 850 USD which, keeping in mind its utility, is appropriately cost-effective.

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Ace Warming System AutoPC II


7. Ace Warming System AutoMer II

The Ace warming system AutoMer II is another product of KBIZ with similar functions to that of AutoPC II. However, the Ace AutoMer II has superiority in terms of the functions it provides. Its working temperature range is between 36 to 41°C, the temperature above or below which the alarm system gives audible as well as visual indications. It has a flow rate of 30,000 ml/hr and can be purchased at a cost of 1200 to 1400 USD.

7 4

Ace Warming System AutoMer II


8. HYH Portable Fluid Warmer Machine

The HYH fluid warming system is a portable device manufactured and marketed by a Chinese company. The product comes with a warming time of fewer than 4 minutes with varying temperature options i.e. between 32 to 42°C. The device has to overheat protection which is automatically switched on if the temperature crosses 50°C. A single unit of HYH portable fluid warmer system costs between 90 to 120 USD.

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HYH Portable Fluid Warmer Machine


9. D-TEC Body Fluid Processing Equipment

The D-TEC body fluid processing equipment is fluid warming equipment that raises the temperature of the fluid or blood between the range of 33 to 41°C. This Chinese product comes with a 1-year warranty and costs 670 to 980 USD.

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D-TEC Body Fluid Processing Equipment


10. Medco Blood and Infusion Warmer

Medco blood and fluid warming system are manufactured and marketed by a Chinese manufacturer named Yiwo Medco Health Care Co., Ltd. The device can work between a temperature range of 26 to 36°C and comes with a low-temperature alarm system. The Medco blood and warming system is provided with a 1-year warranty and the cost of the product is between 1000 to 1800 USD.

10 1

Medco Blood and Infusion Warmer



The fluid and blood warming systems are the medical devices that are of prime importance in hospitals. Different brands manufacture various warming systems which, more or less, perform a similar function but their cost does make a difference. However, cost as well as features must be kept in mind while choosing the right warming system. The 10 most economical and commonly employed fluid and blood warmers have been summarized with the hope that this will help a consumer choose wisely.

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