10 Best Neck Traction Devices Updated 2023

From long working hours, while sitting in front of a computer to extensive traveling, it is common to experience pain and discomfort in the neck region. Generally, this can be owed to a strained muscle, or in the worst-case scenario, a dislocated or broken bone. Whatever the case may be, the patient requires a neck traction device to relieve the pain and unease. In this situation, the commercially available neck traction devices come in handy. But there is no need to be overwhelmed by the number of choices available in the market, here is a brief introduction of some of the best neck traction devices to help you choose the right kind of product according to your needs.

Following are the 10 Best Neck Traction Devices at affordable prices:

1. APPHOME cervical neck traction device

The APPHOME cervical neck traction device is an easy-to-use and inflatable traction device used for the correction of posture as well as to manage posture and pain during a neck injury. The device is air-filled and double-lined to prevent the escape of air molecules. Its triple-layered neck stretcher aids in the correct realignment of the vertebrae. Overall, the APPHOME cervical neck traction device is leak-proof, made with washable material, and economical.

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APPHOME cervical neck traction device

2. Neck and shoulder relaxer

The neck and shoulder relaxer is the cervical traction device employed for the relief of neck pain as well as for the proper spinal alignment. The labeled claim indicates that the pain relief action is quick as the pain subsides within 10 minutes. This chiropractic pillow neck device has been affixed with a smoother surface that feels relaxing on the skin. Moreover, being lightweight, the device can be carried with ease.

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Neck and shoulder relaxer

3. Pronex portable pneumatic traction device

The Pronex portable pneumatic traction device is an inflatable collar device installed with a wedge or chiropractic pain relief function. It can be employed, apart from the pain relief function, for different purposes including providing relaxation to the neck region, eliminating muscular tension, as well as helping in the correction of spinal alignment, etc. The Pronex pneumatic traction device is the first choice of neurosurgeons, chiropractors, as well as patients experiencing extreme discomfort and pain in the neck. It is portable and comes with a bag to make carrying it even easier.

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Pronex portable pneumatic traction device

4. Cervical neck traction device

The cervical neck tractor is an easy-to-use, inflatable, portable device that comes with adjustable Velcro straps. The material used in the cervical traction device is fleece which is smooth, breathable, and non-irritant to the skin. The affixed adjustable straps help to fit the device properly thus rendering it fit for every user. Pain in the neck region, stiffness of muscles, as well as sprains can be alleviated with the use of a cervical neck traction device.

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Cervical neck traction device

5. Hammock portable neck traction device

The original neck hammock portable cervical traction device is of great use when it comes to pain relief from muscle stiffness. The device is put below the neck and head region and pulled which stretches the region in such a way that the muscle stiffness is quickly and effectively relieved. With the regular use of a hammock traction device, overall neck motility can be enhanced. Characteristic features of the product include its portability, durability, and being lightweight. Thus, owing to these characteristics, the hammock neck traction device can be considered one of the most suitable options to serve the purpose.

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Hammock portable neck traction device

6. Trusted cervical neck traction device

The trusted cervical neck traction device is an inflatable, portable, lightweight, and skin-friendly device used for the management of neck pain. The device comes with adjustable straps which helps it to fit every patient. It finds extensive applications in cervical pain relief and headache management.

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Trusted cervical neck traction device

7. ComforTrac cervical home traction

The ComforTrac cervical traction is a custom-fitting device that wraps around the neck of the patient to provide relief from the pain. It is portable, easy to carry, easy to employ, and light in weight. The device has adjustable straps which makes it suitable for everyone i.e. ‘one size fits all’. It is prepared with non-irritant material to avoid discomfort upon longer use. It is claimed that a single use of the ComforTrac cervical device makes a noticeable reduction in neck tension. These features have rendered it one of the best neck traction devices.

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ComforTrac cervical home traction

8. Electric air-pumped cervical neck traction device

This cervical air traction device is an electrically air-pumped neck traction device. It helps lift the head above the neck generating a stretch that increases the blood flow in the area thus starting the healing process. Along with relieving pain, the device is also suitable for reducing muscular tension. The device carries 8 built-in airbag support, 3-power tractions, and inflatable columns.

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Cervical neck traction device

9. Saunders cervical home traction device

The Saunders cervical traction device has been designed and fabricated to help patients with neck pain and stiffness. Its prominent features include the presence of a pressure gauge, self-adjustable neck wedges, and a pneumatic system. Moreover, its pressure can be adjusted according to the patient’s suitability using a patented pump. The Saunders device is easy to use and works efficiently with positive patient reviews.

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Saunders cervical home traction device

10. Hanging cervical traction device

The hanging cervical traction device is portable and effective collar support that stretches the neck in such a way that the pain and muscle stiffness is alleviated. It is made with cotton which is soft and non-irritant material. Its ergonomic design is highly durable with double adjustability, a leak-proof feature air valve system, and lightweight.

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Hanging cervical traction device


Pain and stiffness in the neck compromise the patient’s day-to-day activities. To solve this problem, the use of neck traction devices is recommended. The markets, however, are full of multiple options when it comes to neck traction devices, all being good and comfortable options. Although, the consumer may feel overwhelmed and confused about which device should be chosen according to the need it has to serve. In this article, 10 of the best-performing neck traction devices in 2023 have been compiled along with their prominent characteristics and features to give the consumers an idea about them as well as to relieve their tension and make the choice easier.

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