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ErgoActives 2G Adjustable Ergonomic Cane

Product Description:

  • Introducing Ergocane 2G, Ergoactives latest innovation in mobility support and design., Ergocane 2G, your ergonomic personal assistant. Ergonomic. Shock Absorber. Comfortable. Adjustable. Designed and developed by an orthopedic surgeon, the Ergocane is the most advanced and comfortable cane available
  • The Only Shock Absorber Cane! The Ergocane 2G is the first cane in the world equipped with a unique shock-absorption system that has vertical compression technology that mimics the knee joint movements, allowing the leg to bend freely and comfortably.
  • With the Ergocane 2G, you no longer have to suffer from hand discomfort resulting from using a cane. Ergocane’s unique ergonomic grip has non-slip, non-latex medical grade rubber. The patented ergonomic padded grip is designed to: -alleviate pressure -reduce callus formation -avoid carpal tunnel discomfort.
  • Ergocane 2G has pre-determined, notched levels of height adjustment for all types of senior adults. The body of the Ergocane expands from 28 in (71 cm) to 42.5 in (107 cm) for the perfect height for any user.
  • The Ergocap High Performance is included with the Ergocane 2G. It grips the surface, preventing slips, and provides support and balance at any angle. It also makes the Ergocane 2G STAND BY ITSELF – The Ergocap High Performance tip was voted the most advanced patented cane and crutch tip available. -Simulates the foot and ankle joint movements for a more natural and comfortable gait.