10 Best Walker Bags for Seniors Updated 2023

As humans age, life becomes more and more challenging. We start facing difficulty in doing simple everyday tasks that we were able to do easily on our own at a young age. The most basic need of humans that makes them feel free and alive is to move around on their own. But as we age, our bones lose their strength and we start losing muscle mass that makes it harder for us to move around easily on our own. For this reason, seniors use walkers that not only support them but also save them from any injury that might happen due to losing balance while walking.

Where walkers provide support in walking, they usually do not have any storage space for food, medications, keys, or any other things which you might need to carry with you. For this reason, walker bags are used that provide storage for seniors using walkers. In this article, we are going to discuss the 10 best walker bags for seniors that can help seniors with issues regarding storage space while using walkers.

Following are the 10 best walker bags for seniors that can help seniors

1. Vive’s Walker Bag for Seniors

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Vive walker bag for seniors

This lightweight and durable walker bag is easy to install due to its adjustable loop fasteners. It is well-made and machine-washable. The fabric which is used to make this bag is scratch resistant that keeps its look over time. Moreover, this bag is water resistant which provides safety to its contents. This bag features a large main compartment that has a zipped closure. This bag can be easily attached to any style of walker.

2. Vive’s Water Resistant Bag for Walker, Rollator, or Wheelchair

This bag can be used with any walker, wheelchair, or, transport chair. The front of the bag features three outer pockets and the back side of the bag has an additional storage pocket. Inside, there is a large compartment that can be used to store a variety of things including clothes, medications, or, cosmetics. This bag is easy to install and easy to remove. Moreover, it is water-resistant and machine-washable. It can be used with any style of walker easily.

3. RMS Water Resistant Walker Bag with Soft Cooler – Universal Fit

This bag features an insulated compartment that can help to keep temperature-controlled items cool. This is possible with the help of an integrated soft cooler. This bag can be attached to any style of walker. The water-resistant quality of this bag keeps your items secure. It is easy to install, easy to use, and lightweight. It features adjustable straps that make it easier to attach it to all styles of walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, and, power scooters. It also has a large storage space that helps to keep a large number of items with you easily.

4. AdirMed’s Walker and Wheelchair Bag for Seniors

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AdirMed’s Walker and Wheelchair Bag for Seniors

This sturdy and durable bag is made using high-quality 600D polyester and PVC material. It features a large and small pocket inside and a bottle holder to keep a bottle of water with you every time easily. It also has three additional pockets for maximum storage space. This bag is available in seven colors and can be used with all styles of walkers. However, it can be small for some users.

5. Vive Lightweight and Heavy Duty Walker Bag for Seniors

If you are having trouble carrying things with you while using a walker, then this bag can help you with its multiple compartments and lightweight design. It is made of a sturdy and durable fabric that provides its strength. This bag has a carry handle and easy-pull zippers. It can be tied easily to any vertical support using its bottom strap.

6. Uncle Yang’s Walker Bags for Seniors

This bag is a perfect combination of convenience and style. You can elegantly store your items using this bag featuring a double-sided design. It is made of nylon which makes it machine washable and strong. It is easy to install and can be used with almost all styles of walkers. However, its straps can be too short for some people which can cause inconvenience.

7. Double-Sided Walker Bag with Cup Holder for Seniors

This bag features multiple storage compartments and a cup holder that can provide ease for people in carrying their drinks wherever they want. It has a lightweight and compact design that allows you to move freely without any problem. it features a top handle that helps to easily carry your belongings. It can be used with almost all types of walkers.

8. Secure WWP-1B Hands-Free Walker Bag for the Elderly

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Secure WWP-1B Hands-Free Walker Bag for the Elderly

This bag can be fitted easily under a wheelchair’s armrest or seat to provide easy access to its contents. It features Velcro fasteners that can help in attaching it to the wheelchair or walker. It is easy to install and easy to use. It fits well with all styles of walkers.

9. BVMAG Waterproof Walker Pouch Basket for Seniors

Now you can keep your belongings organized using the multi-pocket design of this bag. It features two front pockets and a water cup bag. The back side of the bag features a zippered bag that provides enough space to store medications, wallets, and, other belongings. It is lightweight, easy to use, and, easy to install. It also features extra pockets for storing phones, keys, and, a wallet.

10. BrightCare Basket Style Walker Bag for Seniors

This walker bag for seniors is made of an easy-wash fabric. It is easy to install and easy to use. It is lightweight, sturdy, and, fits with almost all walker styles. The multiple storage compartments of this bag allow you to neatly organize your belongings in different compartments. However, it can be small for some users.


A walker bag is a necessity for people using a walker or wheelchair. It can help them to be in access to all their necessary belongings including cell phones, keys, wallets, and, medications. Without a bag, it can be cumbersome for these people to find their belongings. However, there are some factors that you must consider closely before selecting the right walker bag for you or your loved ones. These factors include the material used, number of pockets, compatibility, design, weight capacity, size, brand, durability, ease, and, price of the walker bag. Our 10 best walker bags for seniors list provides you with a close overview of all these factors so you can find the perfect walker bag according to your needs.

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