Blood Pressure Cuff 101: How to Select, Use, and Maintain Your Device

Blood pressure cuff

Globally, the number of people suffering from mild to severe blood pressure issues is appalling. As hypertension is a silent killer in so many cases where, all of a sudden, the heart stops working thus leading the patient to a quick death. However, these tragedies are preventable if blood pressure fluctuations are controlled. Therefore, B.P. patients are advised by their physicians to take their blood pressure on a regular basis and keep a record. Multiple conventional as well as digital devices, along with their accessories including blood pressure cuffs, are employed for this purpose. Let us take a look at the features of a blood pressure cuff along with the methods of their use and maintenance. 

Blood pressure cuff
Blood pressure cuff

Statistics Regarding the Need for B.P. Measurement in the US Population

According to the statistics of the American Heart Association, nearly half of the US population should take their blood pressure at home on a regular basis. This accounts for 104 million adults who are at risk of some kind of heart disease.

Apart from the US, the global blood pressure statistics also indicate an overall rise thus pushing the global blood pressure monitoring devices market to a size of USD 4.7 billion in the current year.

These estimates reflect how the need for blood pressure monitors along with their accessories is expected to increase in the coming years.

Selecting the Right Blood Pressure Cuffs-Brands, Features, and Specifications

As many brands manufacture blood pressure measuring devices, some of the following B.P. cuffs are a great choice for buyers:

  ● PrimaCare Medical Professional Portable Cuffs

PrimaCare medical cuffs are a part of their blood pressure kit which includes a stethoscope. These cuffs are made with nylon and are a suitable size for adult use. PrimaCare blood pressure cuffs are also affixed with a latex-inflation system which lasts longer and keeps the device in working condition. These cuffs, along with the other components of the blood pressure apparatus, can be easily packed in a black leather carrier bag to ease mobility and portability.

  ● ADC Diagnostic Sphygmomanometer with Blood Pressure Cuffs

ADC diagnostic blood pressure device includes a professional pocket-size aneroid sphygmomanometer along with the blood pressure cuffs. These cuffs come in back color and are made up of nylon. Being latex-free, these cuffs are safe to use. Moreover, their availability in different sizes in addition to the size guide marking system they have renders these a preference for home use as well.

  ● Tech-Med Standard Manual Blood Pressure Cuffs

Tec-Med standard blood pressure cuffs are designed to be employed with a sphygmomanometer. These are black in color and their construction material is nylon which is durable and long-lasting. Owing to their reliability, these blood pressure cuffs can be subjected to multiple uses without any wear and tear. Tech-Med blood pressure cuffs are adjustable and can be resized depending on the arm size. As these are lightweight, it is not troublesome to carry them around. Furthermore, the cuff material is also easy to clean and maintain.

  ● Omron Easy-Wrap Comfit Cuffs

Omron easy-wrap comfit cuffs have a diameter range of 9 to 17 inches and are suitable for almost all patients. These are black in color and are foldable into a compact size which can easily be hand-held. These cuffs are well-known to facilitate an accurate blood pressure measurement as these inflate to give complete coverage to the brachial artery. Therefore, a proper compression is achieved which leads to the accuracy of readings.

Blood pressure cuff attached to a digital monitor
Blood pressure cuff attached to a digital monitor

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How to Use Blood Pressure Cuffs?

To use the blood pressure cuffs in the right way, it should be made sure that the cuff is placed at the right place on the arm. It should fit perfectly without being too loose or too tight. The ideal way is to check if, after placing the cuff on the upper arm, there is enough space to slide two fingers underneath it.

These cuffs are then inflated until the sound of the pulse disappears. Once the pressure is released, the pulse reappears and systolic B.P. is taken. Once the pulse disappears again, a reading is taken for the diastolic B.P. cuffs are then fully deflated, folded, and packed after cleaning.  

How to Maintain Blood Pressure Cuffs?

Like the blood pressure device, its cuffs also need cleaning and maintenance to prevent cross-contamination. Therefore, cleaning should be done using a soft dry cloth. If the need arises, a mildly moistened cloth can also be used.

Chemical agents such as neutral detergents can also be utilized. Moreover, B.P. cuffs, along with their rubber tubing, should also be subjected to disinfection.

For this purpose, disinfecting solutions such as ethanol (70%), isopropyl alcohol (IPA, 70%), enzol, cidezyme, cidex, as well as sporicidin are usually employed. Blood pressure cuffs have a life of 2 to 3 years. Even after proper maintenance, there is a need to replace them at an appropriate time.

B.P. apparatus along with its cuffs and other essential medications
B.P. apparatus along with its cuffs and other essential medications


Regular blood pressure measurement is a necessity for a lot of people in today’s age and time. In this regard, blood pressure cuffs are also required along with the sphygmomanometer or the digital B.P. monitor.

These cuffs should be comfortable to use and easy to clean and maintain so that their long-term use could become possible. Moreover, their proper use and maintenance are also necessary.

Furthermore, replacement of blood pressure cuffs at an appropriate time should also be performed. Purchasing medical devices from reliable vendors like Health Supply 770 ensures the provision of quality products along with satisfactory services.


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