Breast Pumps for Moms: A Buyer’s Guide to Selecting the Best Option

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The importance of providing nourishment to a newborn via a mother’s breast milk rather than formula has been well-established. Among these lactating mothers residing in the United States, most are working women. Thus, handling a full-time job renders it difficult for them to be present for their babies at all times, especially during the first 6 to 12 months. Despite the employment issues, if a mother still chooses to breastfeed her child, the solution is to employ a breast pump. According to a survey published by Statista in the year 2017, 49% of the participants affirmed that they were using or had used breast pumps on a regular basis. Let us dive into the ideal characteristics a breast pump should have to be considered as a quality product.

breastfeeding mother with her child
A breastfeeding mother with her child

Statistics Regarding Breastfed Infants in the US

Based on the data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 83.2% of the infants born in the year 2019 were breastfed. However, this percentage started declining as the babies aged and became 78.6% and 55.8% at the age of 1 and 6 months respectively. This steady decline points towards the lack of support by the employment sector. Lack of privacy, absence of any place to store pumped milk, no childcare centers in the vicinity of their offices, as well as a fear of losing their jobs are some of the reasons enlisted by the new mothers. As there is a will to breastfeed their infants, facilitation at the workplace along with the use of the right aiding devices such as breast pumps can hopefully elevate the declining statistics.

Types of Breast Pumps

Breast pumps are available with different features and specifications based on the way you decide to use them. Some of these pumps are portable which allows pumping on the go while others need to be plugged in before use. These types include the following:

  ● Manual Breast Pumps

Manual breast pumps are budget-friendly and are to be operated manually by hand.

Manual breast pump
Manual breast pump

  ● Electric Breast Pumps

Electric breast pumps are often battery-operated or are to be connected to an electricity source before use. These external power sources help squeeze the milk effectively.

   ● Open System

Open-system pumps are an ideal choice if a single person has to use a breast pump. It is referred to as an open system because of the absence of a barrier between the motor and other parts of the machine.

  ● Closed System

Closed breast pumps have a barrier that separates the motor from other components of the device thus keeping the pump more sanitized.

Did you know?
Breastfeeding has been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

● Single Pump

A single breast pump is restricted to work on a single side at a time.

  ● Double Pump

A double pump collects milk from both sides at the same time.

  ● Wearable Breast Pumps

Wearable breast pumps do not need to be held by hand all the time. Rather these can be affixed to the bra followed by an automatic pumping action.

  ● Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

Hospital-grade pumps are efficient in speed and work quickly. This way, a hospitalized mom does not have to sit down for longer.

Choosing the Right Breast Pump

Due to multiple brands manufacturing it, buying a breast pump can be overwhelming. Hence, when it comes to choosing a good-quality product, some of the following factors should be taken into consideration:

  ● Ease of Use and Storage

A breast pump should be lightweight and easy to use. Being small in size, a breast pump can be easily stored and traveled with. 

  ● Size

A breast pump should fit the user perfectly. If it is lost, the job intended to be done by it remains incomplete.

  ● Suction Power

For electric breast pumps, suction power is also important. Usually, a value of 250 mmHg is suitable.

  ● Light Feature

If a breast pump has an LED light, it renders its use during the night easy.

  ● Safety

A breast pump should be safe for use. It should be designed in a way that disassembling is possible so that the pump can be washed and cleaned properly.

  ● Product Cost

The cost of a breast pump should also be considered while making a purchase. Moreover, a cost comparison can be helpful among different brands.

Breast Pumps-Features and Specifications                              

Among the vast variety of breast pumps available in the market, the following are some of the notable ones:

  ● Spectra S1 Plus Breast Pump

Spectra S1 Plus is a product suitable for hospital use. Their efficiency and power along with their affordable price make them a preferred choice for the consumers. Being a closed system, the device is suitable for more than one user. Its weight is approximately 3 pounds and the pump also has a nightlight which makes its use even easier at night time.

  ● Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

The Medela Harmony breast pump is a wearable device that operates manually. It is portable and very easy to use. Its light weight makes it more convenient for the mothers. The device also has a handle for easy carriage. Overall, the product is cost-efficient and durable.

Breastfed babies are more active and healthy than those on formula
Breastfed babies are more active and healthy than those on formula

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Lactating mothers need to breastfeed their infants every few hours which requires them to be present all the time. Due to its impossibility for working women, the use of breast pumps has increased.

These breast pumps have a number of types which enable the users to select the most suited one for them. Purchasing medical devices from reliable vendors like Health Supply 770 ensures the provision of quality products along with satisfactory services.


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