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Endoscopy is the procedure conducted to visualize the body’s internal parts with the help of a micro-camera called an endoscope. The camera is usually entered inside the body through a natural opening such as the mouth. ConMed innovative products enhance this vital procedure, which plays a crucial role in detecting digestive tract diseases.  Endoscopy is a procedure of considerable importance, given the advantages it offers.

Unexplained gastrointestinal pains generating the need for an endoscopic examination

Unexplained gastrointestinal pains generating the need for an endoscopic examination

Going through an endoscopy can have implications that can be minimized if the right kind of products are used during the procedure. ConMed is one of the leading companies which are known for marketing an extensive range of medical products employed during endoscopic procedures. Let us take a look at some of these products as well as their purpose.

Cleaning and sterilization of an endoscope after every use is essential in order to minimize the chances of cross-contamination. For this purpose, several products are available in the market to assist in enhancing the safety of the patients as well as the healthcare providers. The following products by ConMed are the newest in this list:

CleanGuard – Disposable endoscope valves

Research has unveiled that 53% of the parts of internally used equipment such as valves have contaminants on them. This indicates that there is a need for proper cleaning or replacement. CleanGuard by ConMed is one such option. It is a disposable, single-use system employed to safely conduct the endoscopic examination. These valves are sterile in nature and reduce the risk of any kind of cross-contamination. These also minimize the overall time needed between two endoscopic procedures as the need for extensive cleaning of the valves is eliminated. Healthcare staff can simply replace the used valve and attach a new one in its place.

Whistle – Cleaning brush

The whistle-cleaning brush has been designed to clean the tip of the endoscope. It has a unique ability to brush the equipment while flushing water or any other liquid. A 5 cc syringe is attached at its proximal luer which supplies the fluid. This way, the rubbing and washing of the equipment are done simultaneously with much ease. The small size and thin tip of the Whistle cleaning brush makes it reach even the minute corners of the device. Moreover, there are also multiple types of these brushes which include:

  • Channel Master brushes
  • Blue bullet brushes
  • Reusable brushes
Preparing the patient for an upcoming endoscopic examination

Preparing the patient for an upcoming endoscopic examination

CleanCage – Endoscope valve-tracking system

CleanCage is a valve-tracking system by ConMed that is affixed to the endoscope for the purpose of keeping the valves and other detachables attached to it. This way, the parent endoscope is not separated from the rest of the valves during use as well as storage. CleanCage endoscope valve-tracking system is designed in a basket-like shape which is smaller in size and has a meshy design. This product ensures patient safety by enhancing the elimination of contaminants from the endoscope.

CleanCage endoscope valve-tracking system, along with a wide range of other ConMed products, is available at a great price on Health Supply 770. The company offers high-quality medical supplies in the most affordable prices.

CleanTray – Endoscope pre-cleaning system

As an endoscope is to be used on multiple patients, it needs to be cleaned very often. For this purpose, cleaning trays are used. ConMed has introduced endoscope pre-cleaning trays which are ready to use just after the addition of water in them. Due to their unique design, these are sleek enough to be stored in the minimum space available. Moreover, their design restricts spilling thus reducing the chances of accidental contact with the microbe-rich water. As the endoscope tray already has everything that is needed, the cost of detergent and other cleaning supplies is also reduced.

Patient undergoing medical examination

Patient undergoing medical examination

Scope Saver – Bite blocks

While conducting an endoscopy, the micro-camera has to pass through the patient’s oral cavity which causes extreme discomfort. As a response to this, the patient can unconsciously bite the endoscope which can damage the patient’s teeth, and the endoscopic equipment as well as compromise the procedure. To prevent this from happening, ConMed has introduced scope savers which are single-use, disposable, and latex-free bite blocks. Moreover, to enhance patient comfort, the instrument has a scent in it. This helps the patient with the retention of the device by enhancing the user experience. Furthermore, being cost-effective, the product does not increase the overall cost of the procedure.


Endoscopy is one of the procedures which are conducted in healthcare setups on a daily basis. It requires the healthcare provider to insert a long tube into the patient’s gastrointestinal tract. This tube called an endoscope has a micro-camera to help see the internal structures. The problem is that an endoscope needs extensive cleaning before every use to reduce or completely eliminate contamination. To help in this domain, ConMed has been manufacturing and marketing a number of products that resolve the issue of contamination by thoroughly cleaning the equipment. By doing so, the chances of inducing new diseases while diagnosing the previous ones become near zero.

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