Essential Guide to Selecting the Right Oxygen Tank for Your Healthcare Setting

essential guide to selecting the right oxygen tank for your healthcare setting

According to the American Lung Association, in the United States alone, nearly 34 million are currently suffering from some kind of respiratory condition notable of which include asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Many of these people require oxygen supplementation via artificial means i.e. by an oxygen tank or cylinder. These oxygen cylinders assist the body in overcoming oxygen deficiency by delivering it at a pre-set rate. Different sizes of these tanks are available in the market all of which are usually higher in weight. Let us take a look at the types of oxygen tanks that are best suited to be used within a hospital facility and at home.

An oxygen tank being used in a hospital
An oxygen tank being used in a hospital

Oxygen Tanks and Their Accessories-Brands and Specifications

Among multiple brands which manufacture and market oxygen tanks, the following are considered one of the best items:

Portable Oxygen Cylinder Tank Kit with Shoulder Bag Holder-Oxi-Uni-Pak

A portable oxygen cylinder tank kit has been designed to enhance the user experience by providing convenience. The kit includes all of the necessary parts i.e. an empty 6-liter cylinder to carry oxygen, a fixed flow regulator that has an average flow rate of 6 LPM, along a tube that gets connected with a comfortable mask at its end. Moreover, as the device is portable, a specially designed carrying case also comes with these components. Overall, the product is lightweight, has high durability, and is reliable in performance.

D Cylinder Oxygen Tank Kit with Shoulder Carrying Case by Responsive Respiratory

D Cylinder oxygen tank kit is one of the many respiratory products offered by the Responsive Respiratory. The item has an 8 LPM oxygen regulator along with a plastic cylinder wrench. In addition, an aluminium D cylinder affixed with a standard post valve is also present which has been passed through all the necessary testing requirements proposed by the FDA. The kit also delivers flawless performance for at least a period of 2 years i.e. during the factory warranty duration.

Oxygen cylinder along with other necessary tanks in a medical facility
Oxygen cylinder along with other necessary tanks in a medical facility

Aluminium Oxygen Cylinder Tanks by Responsive Respiratory

Aluminium oxygen cylinder tanks by Responsive Respiratory have multiple prominent features. These include their lighter weight, a range of sizes to choose from, and high durability due to protective clear coating.

The instrument has been passed through 5-year long hydrostatic testing which reflects its longevity and compliance. Being prepared from aluminium, these cylinders do not catch fire or ignite very easily thus are safer than many other tanks. Moreover, this cost-effective product also comes with valves to increase adjustability according to the user’s needs.

Single Oxygen Tank Cylinder Stands by Responsive Respiratory

Single oxygen tank cylinder stands are needed for keeping the oxygen tank in an upright position. These stands are available in three different sizes and are frequently employed to elevate the cylinder during usage or storage. The construction material is 100% welded steel which ensures high durability. Furthermore, a power coat paint also enables the stand to withstand damages such as chipping or abrasion.

Oxygen Cylinder Cart by Drive Medical

An oxygen cylinder cart is used to hold and transfer oxygen cylinders with ease without them being rolled away. This one by Drive Medical has 12 slots and is suitable for hospital use. Its weight is merely 10.26 lbs which renders it easy to lift if needed. Its versatility and space-saving features enable it to hold cylinders of varying sizes i.e. sizes E, D, C, and M9.

Choosing the Right Oxygen Tank for a Hospital Setting

While choosing an oxygen cylinder for a healthcare facility, the following essential steps should be kept in mind:

  ● The size of the cylinder should be considered based on the user’s lifestyle. Available sizes range from size A being the smallest to size E being the largest. If a patient has to move or be moved from one room to another on a wheelchair, a larger E cylinder along with a carry bag should be preferred. Otherwise, the regular size i.e. M6 should be chosen. 

  ● The capacity of an oxygen tank should be enough to fulfill the needs of a patient for a considerable time. A portable cylinder has a small capacity which is not suitable for a hospital setup. Usually, larger cylinders should be given preference.

  ● Ease of usage should also be kept in mind while purchasing oxygen tanks. The items which can be controlled with a single button are easier for the staff to use. Moreover, the risk of mishandling is also significantly minimized.

  ● Ease of storage is also essential regarding an oxygen cylinder. It is not much of an issue with the smaller tanks but the larger ones need more space. It should be made sure that a transportation cart is also purchased with the larger tanks to ease the process of moving them from place to place.

  ● Flow regulators as well as valves should be in good state at the time of purchase. Looser valves can result in the leakage of compressed gas which can result in fire or explosions.

  ● The cost of an oxygen tank should be looked at. The final product must be chosen after a comparison of cost as well as features of the items.

Use of oxygen tanks at home for respiratory patients
Use of oxygen tanks at home for respiratory patients

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Having an oxygen cylinder in their reach is necessary for people who are living with respiratory illnesses. In case of a breathing emergency, these cylinders provide oxygen to body tissues thus easing the gaseous exchange. Oxygen tanks along with a number of accessories are being manufactured and marketed by many healthcare companies.

Some of these products have been detailed in this article to facilitate the selection process for the buyers. Purchasing medical devices as well as supplies from reliable vendors like Health Supply 770 ensures the provision of quality products along with satisfactory services.

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