Exploring the Range: Types of Medtronic Endotracheal Tubes for Clinical Applications

types of Medtronic Endotracheal Tubes
types of Medtronic Endotracheal Tubes
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In patients who need respiratory assistance, an endotracheal tube (ETT) is inserted into the trachea and affixed to the vocal cords. This way, a temporary passage is made through which oxygen and carbon dioxide can easily enter and leave the lungs respectively. Moreover, the respiratory organ is also protected against the contaminants such as gastric contents. Considering their importance, many brands are manufacturing endotracheal tubes which are available in the market at different prices. One of these include the Medtronic endotracheal tubes which come in different types. Let us take a look at some of these Medtronic endotracheal tubes and how can they be differentiated from one another.

1. Shiley Evac Oral Endotracheal tube with TaperGuard Cuff

Shiley Evac Oral TaperGuard cuff-installed ETTs are most suitable for patients who are on a ventilator and need constant respiratory assistance. These tubes have been designed to help remove oral or gastric secretions via subglottic secretion drainage thus preventing these fluids from being aspired into the lungs. This way, the chances of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) are significantly reduced by 50%.

2. Shiley Evac Oral Tracheal Tube with SealGuard Cuff

SealGuard endotracheal tubes have a cuff inflation line along with an integrated suction lumen. The polyurethane material helps the cuff to stay affixed within the tracheal tube without dropping. In addition, ultra-thin polyurethane cuffs allow a lowered cuff pressure which also assists retention in the trachea. Moreover, microaspiration is also significantly reduced with the use of SealGuard ETT thus minimizing the chances of VAP. 

3. Shiley Oxford Oral Tracheal Tube Cuffed

Shiley Oxford oral endotracheal tube is a great option to be employed during an emergency. The tube has a cuffed beveled tip which aids access to the tracheal pathway. Once the balloon is inflated, the tube provides a longer retention time into the tracheal pipe. 

An elderly patient requiring constant medical care
An elderly patient requiring constant medical care

4. Shiley Oral and Nasal RAE ETT with TaperGuard

RAE endotracheal tubes are considered ideal for usage during a surgical procedure in which the chances of aspiration are high. These tubes have a preformed curved design which minimizes the risk of kicks and disconnects during utilization. Therefore, a constant supply of air is ensured to the patient without being cut off. Moreover, a reduction of 29% has been observed in the pressure applied onto the trachea owing to its low-pressure cuff.

5. Covidien Shiley Cuffed Basic ETT

In addition to the features previously mentioned, the Covidien Shiley endotracheal tube has a top-notch quality that has been thoroughly tested before marketing. This testing is performed to ensure that the product is not only safe for the patient but also extremely beneficial.

6. Shiley ETT with TaperGuard Cuff and Murphy Eye with Preloaded Stylet

Shiley oral and nasal endotracheal tube with preloaded stylet is a sterile tube that has been designed to reduce overall medical waste. Usually, an endotracheal tube that has not been used for 48 hours is to be wasted. This practice hugely adds to the pile of medical waste. As a solution, this Shiley ETT has been introduced. Being sterile, the tube does not require preloading. Moreover, owing to its low-pressure cuff, 29% less pressure is applied to the trachea.      

7. Shiley Esophageal Endotracheal Double Lumen Airway

Shiley esophageal as well as the endotracheal tube has a double lumen airway and has been designed to be used during emergency situations. Its placement does not even require the employment of a laryngoscope.

8. Shiley Laser Oral Murphy Eye ETT

Laser-flex tube is a stainless steel endotracheal instrument. It comes as uncuffed as well as dual cuffed options. These laser-resistant endotracheal tubes are flexible in their design and are completely nonflammable. Moreover, the chances of an air leakage while using laser Oral Murphy Eye ETT are near zero. Laser-flex tubes find application in KTP laser surgeries targeting the trachea or larynx.

9. Shiley Non-DEHP Endotracheal Tube

While dealing with neonatal as well as pediatric patients, physicians are usually concerned with the presence of di-ethylhexyl phthalates or DEHP in medical supplies. These phthalates are the chemical agents responsible for causing cancer and have been listed as a ‘probable human carcinogen’ by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Keeping this in mind, Shiley non-DEHP endotracheal tubes have been especially fashioned for these patients which are safer than other many medical products containing toxic phthalates.

A pediatric patient being treated in a healthcare setup
A pediatric patient being treated in a healthcare setup

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Endotracheal tubes are the medical items that are commonly used in hospitals for assisting patients with respiratory impairment or those in a coma. Among many commercial brands, Medtronic endotracheal tubes have a dominant name due to their wide range and innovative designs.

These endotracheal tubes not only ease the process of breathing but also enhance the speed of recovery as the chances of complications associated with their use are minimal. Hence, Medtronic endotracheal tubes should be given preference when the need arises. 

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