Comparing Nutritionals and Feeding Supplies: Brands and Features

nutritionals and feeding supplies
nutritionals and feeding supplies
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People living with certain eating disorders or swallowing difficulties along with those who are unconscious or in coma need feeding aid in order to maintain a constant supply of nutrients to the body. For this purpose, feeding tubes are inserted into the patient’s stomach or intestine for the purpose of transferring liquid food directly into the digestive tract. A surgery precedes this process in which an opening called ostomy is created within the abdominal wall which serves as the point of entry for the feeding tube. Due to the availability of multiple nutritionals and feeding supplies in the market, choosing the right product often becomes overwhelming. Therefore, to facilitate the consumers, the types of nutritionals and feeding supplies available in the market have been summarized in this article.

1. Covidien Kangaroo ePump Enteral Feeding Pump Device

Covidien enteral epump is a portable, rechargeable, battery-operated device that is used to feed patients at a pre-set rate. The device has a working capacity of up to 15 hours once fully charged and can save the programmed settings for 3 days. By employing a Covidien epump, nutrients can be delivered to a patient without the need for an attached drip chamber. Its large LCD enables the users to easily check the settings which can be done in 16 different languages. Moreover, if the device is facing issues while working, an audible alarm goes off indicating the mistake.

2. Covidien Monoject Enteral Syringe for ENfit Feeding Machines

A monoject enteral syringe by Covidien is the feeding system employed orally to transfer liquid food materials to a patient. These syringes are single-use items made up of a polypropylene barrel as well as a plunger rod which is further affixed with a latex-free tip. Their purple color indicates that the syringe is only for enteral use. The syringe has graduations in both milliliters and teaspoons to facilitate the loading of nutrients. Monoject syringes are available in 1, 3, 6, and 10 ml sizes.

A physician comforting the patient while discussing artificial feeding options
A physician comforting the patient while discussing artificial feeding options

3. Kangaroo Joey Enteral Feeding Pump

Like the Covidien epump, Kangaroo Joey enteral feeding pump is a lightweight, battery-operated pumping system that has a battery life of up to 18 hours. The device can provide both intermittent as well as continuous flow of nutrients and has a 72-hour memory for the settings. Its travel-ready design makes it easy to carry around and travel with.

4. Avanos MIC Feeding Extension Set

Avanos MIC feeding extension set with bolus and stepped connectors is an assembly used for administering food as well as medications into the enteron once connected to a gastrostomy tube. With a tube length of 6 to 12 inches, this reusable system does not cause discomfort or infection to the patients owing to its latex-free medical-grade silicone material. 

5. Gastric buttons

Low-profile gastric tubes or gastric buttons remain flat when they are not being used. However, at the time of usage, these gastric buttons are attached with an extension that connects them with the feeding source. As a result, the apple shape of the balloon becomes apparent. Owing to this shape, the maximum surface area is covered by the balloon apart from lessened chances of leakage. Being made of medical-grade silicone, these gastric buttons are safe for patients as they do not cause skin irritation. These gastric buttons also have a tapered tip which makes the process of insertion easier.  

6. NeoMed Polyurethane Feeding Tubes

NeoMed feeding tubes are prepared using silicone or polyurethane. Their longer retention i.e. up to 30 days in the body gives the advantage of administering nutrients to the patient without the frequent need of insertion and detachment of the feeding tube. Its unique design, due to the addition of a plugged-style hub, minimizes bacterial growth thus enhancing patient safety. Moreover, the presence of markings on the NeoMed feeding tube also facilitates the insertion.

Cancer patients in need of feeding assistance owing to extreme nausea associated with chemotherapy
Cancer patients in need of feeding assistance owing to extreme nausea associated with chemotherapy

Purchasing the nutritionals and feeding supplies – Trusted brands

While multiple brands with heavily funded research and development departments are launching newer medical items every few months, here is a compilation of some of the top manufacturers who are experts in fabricating all kinds of feeding supplies:

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The word enteral refers to the gut, most precisely the intestines. In cases when patients cannot take nutrients via the oral cavity, the gastrointestinal route is used to feed them.

For this purpose, many nutritionals and feeding supplies are available in the market by different manufacturers which, in one way or another, transfer the nutrients into the patient’s body.

While choosing the right product sometimes becomes challenging, being well aware of the features as well as advantages associated with the available products can ease the process.

Similarly, buying medical supplies from reliable sources such as Health Supply 770 also ensures the provision of high-quality goods.

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