How to Choose the Right Medical Adapters for Every Application

Medical adapters

In hospitalized patients, the administration of food, medications, or other therapeutic agents is performed through multiple delivery systems which include catheters, syringes, and tubing sets. These delivery devices are to be connected firmly with one another to avoid misconnections which may result in hindered delivery. Medical adapters and connectors are the components that come in handy in connecting several delivery devices with each other. Therefore, their importance in healthcare cannot be denied. In this regard, choosing the right medical adapter is essential to perform the intended job.

The aim of compiling the present article is to guide healthcare providers in selecting a medical adapter based on its features as well as its implementation in healthcare facilities.

A hospitalized patient receiving medication via intravenous route
A hospitalized patient receiving medication via intravenous route

Tubing Adapters and Extension Sets

An extension set is employed to add length to the IV fluid delivery system. This way, not only the distance between the fluid source and IV cannula is increased but also the drug or food administration becomes more accurate.

A medical adapter is connected to an extension set to attach it to the rest of the medical supplies. Various kinds of adapters are available in the market which vary in sizes and shapes.

Connector Adapters

Connectors are the parts that are used to connect the tubing, catheters, and syringes with other medical devices. These come in different sizes and shapes and are chosen according to the type of job they are intended to be employed at. There is a wide range of connector adapters some of which include the following:

· Oxygen Tee Swivel Adapters

Providing proper respiratory care to patients who have an impaired respiratory system not only assists the breathing process but also saturates the body with the necessary amount of oxygen.

Among the medical devices employed to do so, oxygen tee swivel adapters are commonly used. Oxygen tee swivel adapters are latex-free devices and have a fixed elbow as well as a tee and are affixed with a capped gas sampling port.

These swivel adapters are manufactured by Westmed Medical Group. These adapters are used to convert a male hose thread connection into a female pipe thread connection. An example of this is the conversion of a faucet into a pipe thread valve.  

· Multiple Perf Set Adapters

Multiple Perf Set adapters are manufactured by Medtronic, INC. These are single-use devices with a tube length of 38.1 cm. The tube is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and comes in one or multiple-lumen-based designs.

Multiple Perf Set adapters are pre-sterilized so there is no need to sterilize them prior to their application.

The device has particularly been fashioned to generate a delivery pathway for a cardioplegic solution towards the heart tissue while conducting a cardiopulmonary bypass.

For this purpose, an administration line is connected to a cardioplegia cannula or cardioplegia delivery set.

Apart from this, multiple perf set adapters can also be used in other procedures such as venting, recirculation, simultaneous perfusion of vein grafts, etc.

A cancer patient receiving intravenous therapy
A cancer patient receiving intravenous therapy

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Adapters

The material of the delivery tubing, connectors, as well as adapters have a key role in providing safe nutritional and drug substances to the patients.

Therefore, while choosing a medical adapter, the following parameters should be considered to avoid any chance of irritation or a sensitivity reaction:

IV set being used to deliver chemotherapy
IV set being used to deliver chemotherapy

Proper Maintenance and Sterilization

Medical adapters usually come in single-use packaging which is to be opened at the time of application.

However, these adapters, being made up of PVC or silicone, can be sterilized if the need arises. For this purpose, steam sterilization is a suitable method that efficiently kills almost all the strains of microbes present on the device.

Moreover, washing a PVC-based medical device with detergent and warm water is also an effective option.

Additionally, methods such as chemical sterilization can also be employed for the sterilization of medical adapters.


Medical adapters are employed to connect multiple components of a delivery system to each other. By doing so, a uniform flow of food and medications into the patient’s body can be ensured. These adapters are made up of PVC and can be subjected to sterilization if needed.

Their ability to assemble isolated parts such as tubing, catheters, or syringes with them or with each other has rendered the drug and nutrients delivery process quick, easy, and efficient.

Considering the utility of medical adapters, these should be purchased in bulk to meet the frequent need in a healthcare facility. In this regard, reliable sources such as Health Supply 770 should be trusted.

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