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Nurses are probably the busiest healthcare professionals when it comes to the number of duty hours as well as the overall workload. Their job is to provide first-hand care to a patient after hospitalization which they perform with great efficiency.

However, during their day and night shifts, it becomes nearly impossible for the nurses to focus on their health. In this regard, the only solution is to assist nurses in their job by reducing their workload for which time-saving tools come in handy.

In this article, let us take a look at what are these time-saving tools and supplies and which benefits these can provide to healthcare professionals, especially nurses. 

A nurse while working in a healthcare facility
A nurse while working in a healthcare facility

The Challenges of Time Management in Nursing

Being a nurse, it is not unlikely to work extra hours as their shifts are often prolonged. While dealing with hospitalized patients, time is considered as important as money.

That’s because if a nurse spends too much time dealing with a single patient, the treatment regimen of many others gets neglected. This sense of being responsible for so many patients keeps the nurses on edge.

However, despite giving their best at the job, this time constraint often restricts the nurses to get a good amount of sleep or exercise regularly which, at the end of the day, impacts the health of these healthcare providers. In this regard, the employment of some time-saving tools can significantly ease the job for nurses. 

The Benefits of Employing Time-saving Tools

By employing time-saving tools in healthcare setups, the most important outcome is the improvement in overall patient care as the chances of medication errors are reduced.

Moreover, nurses are also relieved from stress which minimizes staff burnout and enhances performance.

This way, nurses are also more satisfied with their jobs and tend to stick longer at a workplace where they are facilitated. 

Healthcare staff donning necessary personal protective equipment while being at work
Healthcare staff donning necessary personal protective equipment while being at work

Essential Time-saving Tools for Nurses

The following tools can be used in the healthcare system with an aim to save time as well as to further increasing the efficiency of nurses:

Electronic health record (EHR):

Electronic health record enables nurses to have quick access to a patient’s health-related data. Moreover, all the records, as well as documents, are streamlined, and maximum information can be grasped from comprehensive paperwork. This method has superiority over manual record maintenance which is time-consuming.

Automated medication dispensers:

Automated medication dispensers are designed to provide a pre-set dose to a patient at the intended time. The system is efficient enough to not deliver incorrect dosing which is a great help for the nurses as this simple system saves them a lot of time.

Mobile workstations:

Usually, nurses have to make data entry using systems placed within the nursing units. This takes a lot of runs between their current working space and the nursing unit. Mobile workstations can be installed at any place and save both time and effort while effectively documenting the patient’s health-related data.

Barcode scanning systems:

To deliver the right medication to the right patient, it is important to identify a patient before giving them drugs to eliminate the chances of any human error. For this purpose of patient identification, a barcode scanning system is employed which reads the code from a patient’s wristband. This way, the chances of delivering the wrong medications are significantly lessened with an additional advantage of time-saving.

Digital thermometer and BP monitors:

Conventional BP apparatus as well as thermometers have been long replaced by their newer and better versions. These devices are compact, portable, non-invasive, and give results quickly with high accuracy.

Wearable communication devices:

While working, sometimes nurses need to communicate among themselves regarding the patients. Wearing a communication device eases this process without the need to write an email or take time for face-to-face communication.

Time-saving Supplies that Enhance Efficiency

Medical supplies being designed nowadays have such novelties which save a lot of time for the healthcare staff who are directly attending to patients. Some of these items include the following: 

Pre-filled syringes:

Pre-filled syringes already have the right dose of an injectable medication thus the need to fill it at the time of administration is eliminated.

Multi-purpose dressings and wound care kits:

A multi-purpose kit has all the medical supplies needed during dressing a wound including gauze, non-stick pads, antiseptic wipes, and dressings among others. These kits provide all the necessary supplies in one place thus saving time.

Disposable stethoscope covers:

As a single stethoscope is used on multiple patients, it can transfer microbes from one person to another. Therefore, a disposable stethoscope cover is a useful item to prevent transmission. Furthermore, there is also no need to frequently clean the item.

Organizational pouches/bags:

All the essential tools needed for a patient or during a medical procedure can be easily organized in a pouch. This way, a nurse always has what she or he needs without the hustle of collecting each item.

A nurse doing manual documentation regarding a patient’s health-related data
A nurse doing manual documentation regarding a patient’s health-related data

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Importance of Regular Training on New Tools

As soon as newer innovations are introduced to a healthcare facility, there is a necessity to educate the staff about it.

Regular training sessions ensure that the healthcare staff are well-aware of the purpose as well as the method of using new tools.

Moreover, they should also be told in which ways these tools will save their time and increase their efficiency at work.

Tips for Institutions to Support Their Nursing Staff

Healthcare facilities as well as training institutes need to first become familiar with the latest time-saving tools and then take a step further and teach these to their staff members.

By following this hierarchical process of learning, all of the medical staff becomes well-equipped with the latest time-saving tools. To achieve this outcome, institutions need to follow the given steps:

– Investment should be made to obtain the latest time-saving tools.

– Training sessions should be arranged for the nursing staff.

– Feedback from the staff should be taken regularly to further improve the process.


Nurses work day and night to provide medical care to the hospitalized patients. Their job, no doubt, is time-consuming and extremely tiring.

Therefore, nurse are always in need of saving some time for their own physical and mental well-being.

By employing time-saving tools in healthcare facilities, not only the overall work in the hospitals is done quickly but also the nursing staff is unburdened.

This reduction in work stress enhances satisfaction and results in decreased job-switching behaviors.

Purchasing these novel time-saving tools from a trusted supplier is necessary to get reliable and top-quality products.

Therefore, Health Supply 770 should always be considered first whenever medical equipment and supplies are to be bought.

Their easier ordering process, justified prices, and well-trained staff will surely make the purchasing process a tireless and satisfying experience for you.

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