How to Choose the Right Surgical Scissors for Different Procedures

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Among the standard treatment methods, surgical procedures have been in use for decades side by side with the therapeutic options using medications. These surgeries are conducted for various purposes including the removal of damaged or diseased body tissue, repair of trauma-affected organs, as well as to take a tissue sample for the confirmation of certain disorders such as cancer, etc. For these purposes, the use of surgical scissors is essential. Let us take a look at the types of surgical scissors available in the US market as well as the method of choosing the right instrument for the right procedure.

Surgical scissors used by surgeons
Surgical scissors used by surgeons

Statistics Regarding Surgeries in the US

According to The American College of Surgeons, every year, approximately 15 million people have to go through some sort of surgical procedure. As this number is only restricted to the United States, the global patient count can be estimated to be huge. These surgeries require special instruments, particularly surgical scissors, which are necessary for the conduction of medical procedures.

What is a Surgical Scissor?

A surgical scissor is a medical instrument equipped with sharp blades and is employed to open or cut soft tissues or organs. These surgical scissors can be used on the body surface as well as inside the body tissue. The blades affixed with a surgical scissor can be of different shapes including straight, curved, blunt, or pointed. Moreover, the extent of blade bluntness along with the size of the scissors also varies in a wide range. 

Who Needs a Surgical Scissor?

Usually, no surgical procedure can be completed without the use of surgical scissors. However, in some techniques, their utilization becomes most necessary. Here are some of the procedures during which the employment of surgical scissors is of prime importance:

● Eye surgeries

● Cardiac surgeries

● Deep tissues surgeries

● Laparoscopy, etc.

Types of Surgical Scissors

Surgical scissors can be classified into the following categories:

     ● Suture/Mayo Scissors

Suture or Mayo scissors are used to cut sutures. These come in two forms i.e. straight or curved blades. 

    ● Mayo Scissors Straight

For cutting the body tissues, both from inside of the body or the surface, Mayo scissors are employed. These come with different blade shapes.

   ● Mayo Scissors Curved

Mayo Scissor curves are preferred to be used for cutting the sutures as well as applying or removing dressing from a wound.

   ● Metzenbaum Scissors

Metzenbaum or simply Metz scissors have curved edges and are good for cutting and dissection of delicate tissues. These are available in both regular and longer versions.

   ● Iris Scissors

Iris scissors are smoother than other types. These are specially designed to cut and pierce fine eye structures. Blunt, small, and straight forms are available in iris scissors.

   ● Potts Scissors

Potts scissors are angled scissors and are helpful for cutting vascular structures. These are especially used in venotomy procedures.

   ● Harrington Surgical Scissors

Harrington scissors are used for superficial dissections. These scissors, when employed, help eliminate the chances of sharp lacerations.

   ● Lister Scissors

Lister bandage scissors are used for cutting and sizing the bandages while dressing. Tough materials like plaster or fabric can also be cut using these instruments.  

Surgical scissors, along with other necessary instruments, prepared for surgery

Advantages of Surgical Scissors

Surgical scissors provide the following advantages during surgery:

   ● Surgical scissors can be used to cut and isolate soft tissues or non-biological parts.

   ● Sutures can be cut and removed with the help of a surgical scissor.

   ● Surgical scissors are also advantageous in differentiating between different types of tissues.

   ● These scissors can also be used during tissue sampling.

   ● Apart from these, paper or bandages can also be cut using surgical scissors.

Choosing the Right Surgical Scissors

When choosing a surgical scissor, the following factors ought to be considered:

   ● A surgical scissor should be used based on the type of surgery to be conducted i.e. bent or curved shape of the blade is ideal for cutting the deeper body tissues while straight ones are suitable for surfaces. Similarly, fine-tip scissors are good for sensitive tissues.

   ● A surgical scissor should be easy to hold and handle during surgery. For this purpose, the design of a scissor should be such that grasping is eased.

   ● The weight of a surgical scissor should also be considered. It should be easily held for longer to fulfill the requirement during time-consuming surgeries.

Surgical Scissors-Brands and Specifications

Among multiple brands that manufacture and market surgical scissors, the following is considered one of the best items:

   ● ConMed Disposable Laparoscopic Scissors

ConMed disposable laparoscopic scissors are sterile in nature and are particularly designed to conduct better dissection. These are hand-held instruments which are electrosurgical in nature. Once connected to a ConMed Electrosurgical Generator, this instrument can be employed with great precision and accuracy. Its insulated surface provides extended protection to the patient. Moreover, the product has a 5-year shelf life.

   ● Sklar Cardiovascular Potts-Smith Scissors

Sklar cardiovascular Potts-Smith scissors have a smooth and sharp tip. These are angled with an appropriate-sized finger ring. With a length of 7.25 inches, these Sklar scissors are latex-free and are available in different angles. Construction material is stainless steel and is mostly employed for cutting, trimming, and opening of vessels.

Varying types of surgical scissors
Varying types of surgical scissors

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Surgeries can only be conducted when appropriate medical instruments are available. Among these instruments, surgical scissors occupy a special place owing to their vast utility.

Furthermore, their various types give the surgeons choice for the selection of the most suitable scissors for a particular surgery.

Purchasing medical devices from reliable vendors like Health Supply 770 ensures the provision of quality products along with satisfactory services.

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