Patient Lifts to Transform Home Care: A Detailed Guide

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With the advancing age, a huge chunk of the elderly US population has become unable to move around. This often has to do with reduced muscle weakness, bone and joint disorders, the presence of diseases, neurological issues, as well as the psychological fear of falling down and getting hurt. The use of patient lifts and the assistance of a caregiver can greatly improve mobility and daily living for the elderly.

However, when it comes to making the patients stand up or move them around, the services of a single caregiver are often not enough. Hence, the need for mobility aids such as patient lifts, walkers, and wheelchairs arises. In this article, let us explore the 2024’s best patient lifts that you can purchase for a loved one in need.

A caregiver with a bedridden elderly patient
A caregiver with a bedridden elderly patient

Statistics Regarding Mobility Issues in the US

According to the statistics provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 39 million Americans, i.e. 16% of the total population, have some kind of mobility impairment. This number indicates that every 1 in 7 US adults face difficulties while getting up, moving around, walking, or climbing stairs. 

What is a Patient Lift?

A patient lift is a medical device designed to shift a patient from one place to another by lifting. These lifts are employed for shorter distances such as from bed to bath, from bed to wheelchair, etc. The main advantages that are gained from the use of these lifts include patient comfort along with lessened burden on the caregiver. Moreover, the risk of falling or getting injured while moving is also eliminated.

Who Needs a Patient Lift?

Individuals who have any of the following conditions often require patient lifts:

● The elderly

● People with mobility disorders

● Subjects with post-operative complications

● Patients with severe injuries particularly to the legs

Patient Lifts: Brands and Specifications

Among multiple brands which manufacture and market patient lifts, the following are considered one of the best items:

● Stedy Sit to Stand Manual Patient Lift Assistance

The Sara Stedy sit to stand patient lift by ArjoHuntleigh provides assistance while dealing with the movement and lifting of bedridden patients in home settings. The item works manually and can lift up to 400 pounds of weight. Length is adjustable.

The product also has cross-bar handles which facilitate the weight adjustment of the patient while he or she tries to stand by pulling the bars rather than pushing. This way, the risk of urine leakage while getting up is eliminated.

The chassis legs are pedal-operated which can be easily adjusted. Moreover, the presence of total-lock castors adds to the stability of the lift when it is in a stationary position.  

● Invacare Reliant Battery-Powered Patient Lift

Invacare reliant battery-powered patient lift is a product that can lift up to 450 pounds of body weight. Its full-body mesh sling is strong but comfortable. The height range is 24″ to 74″ which enables the lifting of a patient from the floor to higher surfaces.

The swivel bar is padded and can be rotated at 360 degrees. A manual adjustment system lets the base legs self-adjust and even get locked when the lift is stationary thus maximizing stability.

Moreover, the lift also has two batteries one of which works for lifting action while the other is for charging. A manually operating emergency lowering device along with an anti-entrapment feature is also added to the device to tackle malfunctions.

● Joerns Hoyer Advance Portable Patient Lift

Joerns Hoyer advance portable patient lift has a weight capacity of 340 pounds. It is lightweight as it weighs only 59 pounds. This is due to the construction material i.e. aluminium. The item has been designed in a way that it is compatible with almost every home setting along with being robust in action. The product works manually as it has been installed with a hydraulic system. As the product is versatile, it can be operated with multiple types of slings.

● Drive Medical Bariatric Electric Patient Lift

Drive Medical bariatric electric patient lift is a rechargeable device that is easy to operate. It has a weight capacity of 600 pounds and is compact enough to be fitted in small space for storage. The product also has an extra wide coated cradle which is able to rotate 360 degrees and also has 4 –a 4-point hook up. Base legs are strong and easily adjustable. These can also secure the lift in one place by getting locked for stability purposes.

Bedridden elderly often require patient lifts
Bedridden elderly often require patient lifts

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For people who are elderly or have mobility disorders, getting up from bed or a wheelchair is a major problem. Even if it is done with the help of a caregiver, there is an associated risk of falling or getting injured by the movement.

Patient lifts are developed to solve this problem. Not only do they allow the patient to be transported with care, they also ensure that the transfer is carried out with a minimum of risk. Considering their importance in caregiving, one should always have a patient lift at home if there is a patient who needs it.

This leads us to purchase these lifts along with other necessary medical equipment for which reliable vendors like Health Supply 770 should be chosen who ensure the provision of quality products along with satisfactory services.

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