3 Ways To Prevent Medical Equipment Downtime

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Preventative maintenance refers to keeping equipment in a good state of repair and ready for use even when it is not being used. By following a few key steps, you can keep your equipment operational throughout the day, prevent medical equipment downtime and preventing equipment malfunctions and errors.

Recognize Common Issues Causing Breakdown

Understanding maintenance problems is one of the best ways to prevent them. Some factors that can cause recurring medical equipement downtime include corrosion, wear and tear and age. Furthermore, preventive and proactive maintenance helps reduce these issues through routine checks, preventative maintenance and retooling equipment as needed.

The most common issues leading to downtime include:

  • Inadequate installation methods
  • General wear and tear on aging parts
  • Environmental problems that increase wear
  • Incorrect care and maintenance
  • Poor hardware design
  • Accidents resulting in the mishandling of the device

Construct Preventative Maintenance Plans

Importance of plans in preventing medical equipement downtime

When creating and establishing preventative maintenance plans, it is essential to consider the equipment’s lifespan and its ability to be extended. With proper planning, you can ensure that all medical devices and medical equipment in your facility are given proper care as well as extended working life.

The following list is worth including in a plan:

  • Establish a battery care program
  • Thoroughly train users on correct operational procedures
  • Ensure you receive all necessary accessories and that more are available
  • Maintain an appropriate environment per the equipment’s needs

Keep An Equipment Failure Log

By keeping a record of issues and the causes, you can better pinpoint what went wrong with your equipment, and prevent it from happening again. It’s also important to recognize when a specific piece of equipment needs to be replaced or repaired, and get it done within your service commitment period.

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