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Product Description:

  • Distal tip sensors: These sensors enable plug-and-play functionality, simplifying setup and workflow for surgeons.
  • Customizable configuration: The probe comes in various tip angle options (0°, 30°, and 70°) to reach targeted anatomy in different areas of the ENT and skull base.
  • Strong and maneuverable: The probe is designed to be both sturdy for delicate procedures and flexible for navigating tight anatomical spaces.
  • Length: The 5-inch length allows the probe to reach the posterior wall of the sphenoid sinus, a crucial area in skull base surgery.
  • True-to-size visualization: The system provides real-time visualization of the probe’s tip location and orientation on the navigation screen, ensuring accurate targeting.
  • Low profile design: The probe’s slim profile further enhances maneuverability in confined spaces.

The TruDi Probe TDP0705 is compatible with various TruDi software features, including:

  • TruView: This feature allows surgeons to virtually navigate the surgical field before making incisions.
  • Planning Points: Surgeons can define key anatomical landmarks on the navigation screen to guide their instrument placement.
  • Beacon: This feature helps surgeons locate specific structures during surgery by providing an audible and visual signal when the probe tip is in close proximity.
  • FAM (Fusion of Anatomy and Metrics): This feature overlays real-time surgical data onto the patient’s anatomy, providing surgeons with a comprehensive view of the surgical field.