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Product Description:

  • Bipolar technology: This technology delivers electrical current through the forceps tips to coagulate tissue and minimize bleeding, offering a safer and more controlled approach compared to monopolar forceps.
  • Spetzler design: The forceps feature a bayonet tip with fine, atraumatic teeth for delicate grasping and manipulation of tissue, particularly valuable in areas with limited access or surrounding critical structures.
  • Non-stick coating: The tips are coated with a special non-stick material that prevents tissue from adhering, ensuring smoother manipulation and minimizing tissue damage.
  • Dual irrigation channels: These channels allow for continuous saline irrigation during the procedure, improving visibility and reducing the risk of thermal injury to surrounding tissues.
  • 23cm length: This specific model features a longer 23cm shaft, making it suitable for deeper anatomical regions within the brain or spinal cord.
  • 0.5mm tip diameter: The fine 0.5mm tip is ideal for delicate procedures requiring precise manipulation of small blood vessels or nerves.