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Product Description:

  • Quantity: 100 test strips per box
  • Meter Compatibility: Designed for use with AgaMatrix WaveSense™ Presto and Presto Pro Blood Glucose Meters
  • Sample Size: Requires a small blood sample (0.5 microliters)
  • Fast Test Time: Results in just 4 seconds
  • End-Fill Technology: The strip draws blood in from the tip, potentially minimizing mess and wasted blood.
  • Confirmation Fill Window: Allows you to visually confirm that enough blood has been applied for an accurate reading.


  • Blood Sugar Monitoring: These strips help you monitor your blood sugar levels by drawing a small blood sample from your fingertip.
  • Easy to Use: The end-fill technology and confirmation window might simplify the testing process.
  • Fast Results: Get your blood sugar reading in just 4 seconds.
  • Small Sample Size: Requires a minimal amount of blood for testing.