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Product Description:

Kit Components:

  • Glucocard Shine Connex Blood Glucose Meter: This meter allows you to test your blood sugar level from a small fingertip blood sample.
  • Test strips: A specific number of test strips might be included in the kit (quantity depends on the specific package). These disposable strips are used to collect and analyze the blood sample.
  • Lancing device: This device helps you obtain a blood sample by pricking your fingertip.
  • Lancets: Small sterile needles used with the lancing device for finger pricking (number of lancets may vary depending on the kit).
  • Carrying case: A convenient case to store the meter and testing supplies.
  • Additional items: Some kits might include extras like batteries, logbook for recording blood sugar readings, or control solution for meter calibration (check specific kit contents).

Features of the Glucocard Shine Connex Meter:

  • Bluetooth connectivity: Allows wireless data transfer of your blood sugar readings to a compatible smartphone app for tracking and analysis (app may require separate download).
  • Memory function: Stores blood sugar readings for tracking blood sugar levels over time (capacity depends on the specific model).
  • Easy to use: Features like a large display, simple test steps, and no coding (refer to the meter’s manual for specific instructions) can promote user-friendly testing.
  • Fast results: Provides blood sugar readings in a short time (refer to the product specifications for exact time).
  • Optional features: Some models might offer additional features like pre-meal/post-meal flagging, alternate site testing (testing from other body sites besides fingertips), or ketone testing (additional test strips might be required).

Benefits of using the Glucocard Shine Connex Blood Glucose Meter Kit:

  • Blood Sugar Monitoring: This kit provides everything you need to conveniently monitor your blood sugar levels at home.
  • Data Tracking and Analysis: The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to track your blood sugar readings and trends on your smartphone app, potentially providing valuable insights for managing your diabetes (app features may vary).
  • Convenience: The carrying case allows for easy portability, and features like easy-to-use design and fast results promote convenient testing.