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  • Bard SureStep Bardex IC Complete Care Foley catheter: Features a pre-lubricated silicone coating for smooth insertion and an infection-fighting silver alloy coating for added protection.
  • Surestep Tray: Designed to guide the user through the insertion process step-by-step with clear instructions and illustrations directly on the tray.
  • Peri-Care Kit: Includes swabs, antiseptic solution, and other supplies for prepping the patient’s skin before and after the procedure.
  • Foam Swabs: Provide greater coverage and saturation compared to traditional swabsticks.
  • Urine Meter: Enables immediate measurement of residual urine volume after catheter placement.
  • STATLOCK Stabilization Device: Secures the catheter to the patient’s leg to prevent dislodgment and maintain proper positioning.


  • Standardized procedure: Promotes consistent and safe catheterization technique regardless of user experience.
  • Reduced infection risk: Aseptic packaging and pre-sterilized components minimize the risk of contamination.
  • Efficiency: All necessary supplies are readily available in one organized tray, saving time and resources.
  • Patient comfort: Silicone catheter and lubricious coating ensure a smoother and more comfortable insertion experience.