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Product Description:

  • Hydrophilic coating: Ensures smooth glide and reduces friction within the vessel, potentially minimizing tissue damage and improving procedural efficiency.
  • Material: Likely nitinol, a superelastic material offering enhanced kink resistance and maneuverability.
  • Diameter: The “Bo” designation might indicate a specific diameter (e.g., 0.035 inch), but further information is needed for confirmation.
  • Length: Probably available in various lengths to suit different procedural needs.
  • Tip configuration: The information provided doesn’t specify the tip type (straight, angled, etc.), but different configurations might exist within the M00146156Bo model.


The BOSTON SCIENTIFIC Hydrophilic Guide Wire M00146156Bo seems like a versatile and reliable option for vascular access in various minimally invasive procedures. Its hydrophilic coating, nitinol construction, and likely range of diameters and lengths cater to diverse clinical requirements.