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Product Description:

  • Nitinol core: Provides excellent pushability and kink resistance, even in challenging anatomy.
  • Hydrophilic coating: Reduces friction and improves trackability by minimizing vessel wall sticking.
  • Small profile: Enables easier navigation through narrow or tortuous vessels.
  • Smooth transition zones: Minimizes kinking and tracking issues between the shaft and tip.
  • Radiopaque markers: Enhance visibility under fluoroscopy for precise positioning.


  • Shaft diameter: Available in various sizes, including 0.018″, 0.025″, 0.035″, and 0.038″.
  • Shaft length: Typically ranges from 80cm to 260cm depending on the intended use.
  • Tip styles: Straight, angled, J-tip, and long taper options available for different anatomical needs.