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  • Adjustable coaxial introducer needle:
    • 22 gauge with a 11cm cannula length.
    • Features an adjustable sample notch that can be set from 9mm to 19mm, allowing for precise control over the size of the tissue core based on the lesion and vascularity.
    • Echogenic markings on the cannula aid in accurate ultrasound positioning.
  • Coaxial trocar:
    • Facilitates smooth needle insertion and minimizes tissue disruption.
  • Temno biopsy needle:
    • 20 gauge with a 6cm cannula length, nested within the introducer needle.
    • Features a sharp, atraumatic tip for efficient tissue core acquisition.


  • Minimally invasive: Reduces tissue trauma and scarring compared to open surgical biopsies.
  • Versatility: Adjustable sample notch caters to various lesion sizes and minimizes unnecessary tissue sampling.
  • Improved accuracy: Echogenic markings and one-handed operation allow for precise needle placement under ultrasound guidance.
  • Multiple samples: Enables obtaining multiple cores from a single puncture, reducing procedure time and patient discomfort.
  • Compact and lightweight: Enhances maneuverability and ease of use.