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Product Description:

  • 14 gauge needle: Offers a balance between maneuverability and sufficient tissue acquisition.
  • 4-1/2 inch (11.4 cm) length: Provides access to deeper tissue locations depending on the procedure.
  • Scalpel-sharp, surgical steel cutting edge: Ensures clean and precise tissue core retrieval.
  • Removable stylet: Allows for multiple samplings from the same needle insertion.
  • Thin-walled needle: Yields larger core specimens compared to thicker needles.
  • Centimeter depth markings: Assists in accurate needle placement and depth control.
  • Gamma sterilized and single-use: Ensures sterility and minimizes infection risk.


The CAREFUSION Tru-Cut 2N2702X is a reliable and widely used biopsy needle for various medical procedures. Its combination of sharp cutting edge, thin-walled design, and convenient features makes it a valuable tool for healthcare professionals performing biopsies.